Window Live Planet : Windows (MSN) has joined the Social Networking Regime and here it brings in Windows Live Planet, all new WEB2.0 based Site. Its just fun to be a part of it.

Does it give freebies.. Why am I blogging about this..?

Well, yes! This time it is for Gals and who know it may come up with something for we guys too. So its better join and be a part of. Actually it fun to being part of coz it has many features..

Gals, this is exclusive for you. Join this site, complete your profile (Full – 100%) and add few friends and Complete the slogan and Get ready for your personal style & beauty session with India’s very best – Jattinn Kochhar, Amber Tikari, Tarun Khiwal for free!! (In case you dint know, these are the guys who do styling for Hrithik, Sharukh, Kareena etc.) – Gals, do not miss this golden opportunity as you have to nothing, just join now. If interested check out www.

And Guys, I am sure MSN will come up with something for us too and you can count on me to keep you updated. So why not you join in too. Check now!

Last Word : Was this information boring. Its a tech update with free ‘tag’ in it and hence I blogged. Do comment back your views.

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