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Indiatimes shopping is nowadays is in a great mood of giving a lot of discounts, after that 60% cash back offer covered here..
Now they are giving Rs.500 GV which can be redeemed only against Surat Jewelery (Catalog is here..)
How to get it? Well you have to make a purchase of any amount at there select stores i.e Health & Fitness, Books, Magazines, Movies, Music, CD-Roms, Beauty & Personal Care & Jewellery categories of Indiatimes shopping site. This offer is goes in hand with the ongoing 60% cash back offer, so you are double benefieted if you are in any mood of purchasing jewellery..!
This offer is valid till October 23, 2008.
More info about this is here..
And read the T&C first here...


Get yourself IBM Symphony Software for free and forget paying thousands for Windows office..
Yes Symphony is a Office software which includes all your Word,Excel,PowerPoint etc..
If you really want the software and will work on them order it, if not please don't waste some-one's else funds..
I am not sure will they send as I haven't received yet and waiting for the same, anyways their is no harm in trying, is there..?
To get yourself the C.D all you need is give your details and Bingo you have it! CLICK HERE to go the page and enter details..
This offer was shared to me by Anirudh (Thanks Ani for that..!)
[Request : Please encourage me Posting more offers by commenting about your liking or disliking of an offer,I guess I alone write and read these offers but rarely find any person commenting on any of the post's, that sad and discourage me..]
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Olay a renowned brand from Proctor and Gamble gives you a free sample of its new Olay Total Effects, Olay Total Effects is a anti-aging cream based stuff, I have no idea as I haven't tried it..
Anyways you can get a free sample and try for yourself what is it all about!
All you need to do is enter your details and they will send it to you and more over if you are in Bangalore or Mumbai you can get a Mcoupoun by sms which if showed at select places you can get it right there...
More details on this product is available here and to place a request click here..
And don't forget to thank Ashu who shared this info,thanks bro!

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Hey don't that Post name look weird! :P
Well ya, I just found a website, which is something like mGinger or Paisa4sms..
But you don't get any ads rather, if you send free sms through their website you get to earn!!!
Its really damn good thing, you can send free sms and at same time earn too!!
Now this is called a good offer. Well whats more you don't even need to earn hundreds of Rupees to redeem, you can just earn minimum of Rs.50 and top-up you mobile balance!!
Also whats more, this site has lots of info about on going discounts in your surrounding and other info too..
About the free messaging, the speed is good too..

What you need to start earning?
1) Register here..
2) Send free sms to your friend or to yourself!
3) Earn enough to redeem and top-up your cell..!

Good isn't it? IF SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, register NOW, from here...!

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Future Bazaar is here with gifts for the future Diwali already!
Plan to buy something and get a silver coin free..!
All orders are on pre-order basis and delivery of them will start from Oct 1.
There are quite lot of stuffs to chose from, including gifts items, chocolates, mathais and more..
And ya there is no lucky draw, just shop and get coins no more conditions applied!

Cautions: This is indeed a special offer with freebies but you cant purchase gift vouchers..
And delivery is said to be before Diwali and God knows what that means, it can be on Oct 1st or 21st also, so be aware of this and ask prior you shop..
Get to the offer page and more about info,here..


Few Contests on Net!*

Posted In: , . By Abhishek

Well most of you might know about these contests,but still for those who dont,participate and who knows you may one of the competitor for me to win the goodies!

1) Saas Bahu Aur Sensex: Answer and win freebies from Aol India, Click here..

2) Drona Merchandise (IndyaRocks) : Participate and win 25 Drona toys, CLICK here...

3) Contests from Buzz18:
- Drona : Answer and win freebies, Click here
- Main kab Saas Banugi of SabTV : Answer and win freebies, Click here..
- Jugni Chale Jalandhar of SabTV again : Chance to meet stars of Show, click here..

4) Wanted - Angelina Jolie - Aol India : Answer and win movie Merchandise, click here..

Most of the contest need you to register at their sites, do it and carry on Jani..

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Few of the current offers on Net:
1) SifyMall is currently providing some 125 products of Buy 1 get 1 free category, have a look at the products,who knows it may be your lucky day and get a great deal out of it..
The products were a mixture of buyable and not, you check yourself here...

2) Indiatimes is giving flat 60% on products purchased in form of GV worth Rs.250 each of Indiatimes, if your total bill is between Rs.1000 and Rs.2500!
Promotion applicable from 10th September, 2008 to 30th September, 2008.
Please read the T&C here before purchasing..

3) SirIndia is giving Shuffle MP3 player for Rs.649/- with a silicon case free..
Know more here...
1 GB Shuffle Mp3 Ipod With Free Silicon Case


Zapak like its previous gaming offers ZCL to win Gift Vouchers, has once again launched similar type of tournament where you can win free vouchers of Giftmate or Nifty, but only with a twist that you will have to be the highest scorer!!
So if your are good at play and you can spare time to play online games, enjoy your voucher on winning and don't forget to get me a cup of Cappuccino..!
This was shared by Suaid, thanks for that!

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Discounts on Pizzas*

Posted In: , . By Abhishek

Hey I am not finding any good offers which can be blogged about, but just have these which may come handy some time in future.. Well just want to share few offer coupons available on Net over various brands of Pizzas.
Offers are:
1) Buy Medium Pizza and second one for Rs.50 at PizzaHut
2) Garlic Bread and Coke for Rs.49 only* at PizzaHut
3) Garlic 2 Garlic Bread and Coke for Rs.95 only*at PizzaHut
4) A few offers from Dominos (Need PDF reader to see the offers)
5) PizzaHut and Baskin Robin's Combo offer..

Also are here offers which were refered by Aniruddh,thanks for that!
Please guys do refer some notable offers to be posted here..


FutureBazaar is again giving a lot more C.D and DVDs at Re.1 like one it did before here...
Though these are old movies but are the selected ones which can be watched once, the Main Motive of me writing this post is to 'STOP PIRACY'.

Anyways if interested in buying those C.D with a conditional and a additional delivery charges of Rs.35, being Rs.36 per movie, try it here.. If not who can stop Piracy - Enjoy Torrentz! :p


Here is yet again a online multilayer game for free like the previous one provided by Kreeda-DanceMela here...
This time Zapak is giving its new Multiplayer game for free either to download online or to just place an order for free C.D!
More info about this game is availaible here..

The game is a multiplayer online game where you need to compete online players in real time for CashPoints, and cash points are also availaible on payment of real cash!
Anyways if you are one Online Freak Gamer, this one is for you..
So click below to download or to request for a free C.D!


Photo printing,collage,Mugs and more from SnapFish in association with IndiaPlaza..
This offer goes to my list of Photo offers here..
This time you get a Collage Mug worth Rs. 349 for Rs.99 only including courier charges!
All you need to do is use the coupon code "IPOFFER" to avail this offer and remember this Offer valid till 5th September 2008 only!
Log on to SnapFish and go wild purchasing, more info is here...