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Here are few contest for Girls going around on the Internet, try and get to win freebies…

NIVEANivea Hugz ‘n Kisses Fest 2009 : A contest where you have to upload a gang pic of yours and ask your friends to vote the best photo and the person getting good no. of votes wins. The best part is the Gift hampers are given everyday – So you have high scope of winning. Go ahead upload your snap and comment below so we can help you win. Click here…

Stayfree : Here is yet another contest and game, where you can win goodies. Also there is a link to a free sample of Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thins ALL Night, so you can get a free sample too. Go ahead make use of this opportunity. Click here…

Dove : There are a lot of contest and promos on Dove’s website from time to time, so have a look at it and try to get the goodies. Go to


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Firstly, before writing just want to thank Vinoth,who shared most of the contests. Also, thanks guys who view the post and try these contest but never think of leaving a comment.

Lays – Your flavor : Lays is up with a contest where you can give your idea of a new flavor and if it gets selected, you will win a moohla! I mean a lot of bucks and a commission on sales. Interesting, think of some good flavours and go ahead and post it here…

Park Avenue – It’s a Man thing : Share some of yours Manly moments, describe it in a brief and add snaps or videos related to same and you can win Blackberry phones and iPods. Click here…

VLCC – Fill a survey : Just fill this survey and you may be the lucky one to get Rs.1500 worth Jewel facials from VLCC. Log on, fill some 10 fields and you may be lucky. Click here…

Vodafone Zoozoo : This contest is on facebook and you need a facebook id for login. Enter a contest to complete a story which should fallow after the videos being displayed and you may win phones or tshirts. Click here..

BenQ ULV Joybook : Enter this contest and play a tiny game and you may win a BenQ Joybook. Make sure you will have to play this game within 30sec (which is possible). Go ahead try your luck here..

Be updated always with freeGyaan. Connect to freeGyaan via : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates Wave, as you techy Guys (and of-course Gals) might be knowing Google came up with new tool for online real time conversation and communication, is in great demand and even being sold on ebay for $10 and more. In case you did not know what wave is and you are hearing this for first time, brush up you knowledge on Google Wave here.

Anyways, for being part of freeGyaan. You are lucky as I have got few invites and will share with few LUCKY people on freeGyaan. And all you have to do is subscribe, become a fan or tweet..

I will be giving invites to 4 people. The contest starts on 26th November and will end on 30th November. I will use a random pick thru a random software and he/she will get the invite. So, go ahead guys and do the fallowing…

1) Become a fan of freeGyaan on facebook.

2) Retweet this : “ Get a #Google #Wave invite on @freeGyaan. Check out the #Contest :

And at same time, fallow me on twitter too. And if interested on Orkut too!

Simple, isn’t it. Go ahead, retweet and become a fan on fb and finally leave a comment when done. I will chose a random winner from among those who will leave a comment below after completing the above tasks..

| Facebook fan Page | freeGyaan on Orkut | Twitter Updates | Enuf Contest : A new initiative from TATA DOCOMO, where you can win a Mobile phone daily. It works on a simple plan of how popular you are, I mean it depends on how your friends vote for you. All you have to do is get your friends get voting for you and you get a chance of winning. You can vote through facebook, twitter or orkut. So interested, join the league. Click here..

A request : If you have time and like to help me. Kindly do vote for me. All you have to do is install Application at facebook or orkut and hit me as a geek when in that application or RE-TWEET THIS : @tatadocomo @freeGyaan #isageek

WagonR Smart Ideas : Do you have some thoughts, some Business plans but short of funds and experience. Here is your chance, you can build you dream Enterprise by taking part in this contest. You will Hard Cash, a Car and venture funding for your plans. Looks great, ain't it. For more, Click here..
[Once you are a great entrepreneur, do not forgot freeGyaan and me that we shared this info! :P ]

See full size imageBritish Council Cartoon Contest on Climate Change : If you are good at drawing, you can win this by making a cartoon on theme of Climate Change. More info about this is here..

Gadgets : Just participate and answer a question and you can win a Brand new Nokia phone, needs a Nokia OVI ID, which you can get it for free. Check out the contest page as it end on 28th Nov. Click here..

Few Bollywood Movies Contest :

De Dana Dan Contest on Eros - Click here...

Win goodies from film A Christmas Carol - Click here...

Win Music C.D / DVDs from film Kurbaan - Click here...

Big Cinemas : Buy 3 tickets on weekend and get a ticket free in weekdays. Do not think worthy offer, but then something is better than nothing. Thanks to Mr. Radhakrishnan for sharing this.. Click here..

Last Word - Question : Hey are you guys interested in me posting contest. I mean I have no idea whether you like contest post or not, but one thing is sure many have won tons of goodies from these contest. So give a comment should I continue to post about contest or not...

Be updated always with freeGyaan. Connect to freeGyaan via : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel you heard it right. Earn up-to $100 through Facebook App. Just yesterday as I was saying you can do a lot from facebook and twitter, here it is how…

Paypal has started an application on facebook called “PayPal WishList” where you have to make a wishlist for yourself and earn anything from $1 to $100.

What will you win : You get $ 1 for making a WishList and then it all depends on the referrals as usual, but here you can not refer your friends directly but through facebook only, so go ahead make that money! :)

What you will have to do :

Login to your facebook account before doing anything.

1) Go to Facebook App :

2) Install the application. Just hit Allow button.

3) Add your ‘paypal’ email id and create a wishlist.

4) Go on pulling your friends in this.

Simple isn’t it. And I am sure it is a legit site. All the amount which you have won will be given to you on 28th Feb 2010, that’s really bad but then something is better than nothing! :)

Also, do not forget to Join freeGyaan on facebook and add me as your friend.

And about earning from twitter, join me on twitter and I will share the info there. Join me on

Note : In case you are still not part of facebook and twitter, you are missing a lot. So be a part of fb and twitter.

Source : Just saw this post on Mridul’s Blog freestuffinIndia.

Be updated always with freeGyaan. Connect to freeGyaan via : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates, a small island near the United Kingdom trying to promote their Tourism are up with a simple plan of providing DVD and information brochure about Shetland and you can request to view their scenic beauty.

I just requested on on 12th and receive 2 copies instead of one which I ordered, I just saw the brochure and have to have a look at DVD. I thought I will blog about it first and can later watch it. Check this photo, though not visible. But just wanted to say I already received it.

So, if you are really interested in Shetland. Request for a free DVD here..


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Be updated always with freeGyaan. Connect to freeGyaan via : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates