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Blog name is changed!

By Abhishek

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Holi – The festival of colors is round the corner and its time to get some new tees, so go ahead make a good purchase.

I browsed through various sites and found few great deals for you. And here it goes..

Pringoo Logo Pringoo : Pringoo is up with a Holi Sale and is offering all Holi tees at just Rs.129 + shipping charges. So go ahead check out their collection and make a buy :

- Bus Tees : Blue Bus tees, though it does not have Holi tshirts is having a clearance sale and so you can buy tees at just Rs.150 and shipping charges. All the tees are priced at Rs.150 only and they have some awesome collection of oneliners. Check out their store :

- : Myntra is not having any sale this year in the Holi Section but I found a tee which you can buy just for Rs.115 + shipping charges. And the tee is good too. Check out the tee and if you like buy it this Holi. Check the tee here.. [Also share with us if you find any such more tees at a lower price on their store.]


Inkfruit : Inkfruit is also up with a Holi Kit which has a plane tee + 3 color pens and its available for Rs.249. What more if you like the deal you can use the code 10MillionTee and get a discount of 25% on the deal. So check out the Holi Kit here :


Request : Hey guys and gals off ocurse, do share with me if you find any such tee store which is selling for a lower price and let us all get benefieted from the deal. Gyaan Batne se he badta he..!

Be updated always with freeGyaan. Connect to freeGyaan via : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates a website from Naukari group is an awesome site for kids for learning and assessing themselves as it has :

  • Model Test Papers and Revision Notes
  • Multimedia rich study material
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Games, puzzles and a lot more…..!
  • And yes, all these awesome stuff is FREE!!!!!

So go ahead Guys and Gals, Moms and Dads, register your kids on this site and ask them to assess them self in a fun way which will enrich their minds and even give them a fun learning experience.

Suggest : Please suggest this site to everyone you know, its truly helpful. I just tried few quick quiz and solved some papers and just wonder if I had all these options in my School days!

REGISTER NOW : Go ahead register yourself or your kids on Meritnation (Takes less than 10 seconds!) –


Here are few random stuffs I came accross. Most of you might have already participated but these are for those who did not know about it :

Tanishq Valentine Diamond Pendants : I know Valentines Day is over but the contest is still open, so just answer a simple question and if lucky you may win an Diamond Pendant – Click here..

Naukri’s Hari Sadu Contest : Naukri is up with a all new Hari Sadu TV commercial and also with a contest where you need to type in all the words which you see in the commercial – Contest link is here..

Indiatimes Shopping : This is a crazy deal. Buy a swiss knife for Rs.35 + Rs.35 delivery charges. Its just crazy, though I am not sure how will be the quality of the product but its just Rs.35, if interested check it out and buy it here..

BrandPower : You might have seen few ads on television on Brandpower, well I had registered and blogged about it ages ago. I just wanted to remind those who did not register on that site and do not know much about it. Brand Power is a Market Research site and hence provides free samples to test and give responses. I recently got a pack of Moov Spray and Tube. So go ahead and register on

Below 2 are those which I am not sure whether we will get anything or not but its no harm in trying.

Sunsilk Gang of Girls : First register on their site, and then fill this questionnaire and you may get free Samples from them.

P & G Samples : Again, though not sure you may still try and register on their site. No body knows what is access code but you can register and request for free samples. Go register here..

[Thanks to Sairam, Vinoth, Prajapathi, and all others whome I am missing for the offers which I posted here..]

Have you guys tried zwinky? Create you cool avatar and make them look like you. Check it out if you haven’t here.. a tee store which I have introduced to you in my previous post has come up to celebrate freeGyaans birthday and has sponsored 10 free Rs.100 discount vouchers.

Check out their awesome collection here and choose your fav tee, if you like a tee and are planning to buy one just comment under this post only if you have real intentions to buy it and not just for fun., And If I find your request genuine I will give you the discount code – NO MORE CONDITIONS APPLY!

So go ahead guys, there is no time limit but remember its only 10 Vouchers so the fastest will get the vouchers.

THANKS SPONSORS : Not to forget, thanks a ton to SheepStop and their team to always get awesome deals and now the sponsor for us freeGyaanis – Thanks guys [Please stop by to say a thanks to them on their twitter or facebook page]

Be updated always with freeGyaan. Connect to freeGyaan via : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates


TripAdvisor is up again with a awesome offer. And this time it is in tie up with IRCTC, and I guess you understood about it seeing the Post name! :)

Important Points :

1) All you need to do is give us the PNR number for which you want the cash-back at the time of submitting your review.

2) Under this offer, a user will receive a refund of a maximum of Rs.250 against one PNR number. The offer is valid for past rail ticket bookings as well i.e. you can enter PNR numbers of rail tickets booked on until Jan 1, 2009, but not prior to that.

3) The offer is valid only on the site for hotel reviews submitted between 12:00am, Feb 1, 2010, IST and 11:59pm, December 31, 2010 IST

More info is here :

This offer was suggested by Vinoth – Thanks buddy! :)

Be updated always with freeGyaan. Connect to freeGyaan via : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates is a new Mobile + P.C application a first of its kind and I suggest you guys try it out too!

What is Mjooz : It is basically a Synchronizing service between your phone and P.C, so all the data on your phone is backup on P.C in your Mjooz account without any hassle, it just work on background and does it work and your Mobile is backup!

Its just an amazing thing, I am trying to figure out what are the possible stuffs we can do from it, so thought of sharing with you guys too.

What more you can send free sms, earn points for sync, creating a friends network etc.

I suggest you guys try it out once, sign up takes just few seconds. Just enter mobile no. get a code and start setting up your account and do let us know if you find something interesting in it so we can try it out too! :)

They have 2 plans, free and premium depending on the contents. Go ahead if it is really helpful you can chose premium plan for just Rs.17 per month. Go ahead guys, try out their Mjooz on

Be updated always with freeGyaan. Connect to freeGyaan via : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates : All of us know it all already. One Deal A day store! – Does it need more introduction!?

I was constantly trying to get a code exclusively for freeGyaanis and I have got one for today’s deal and guess what it is exclusive for freeGyaanis and the code is shared nowhere else. Use this code to get a discount of Rs.200. This coupon code is valid only today : 11th Feb 2010. No conditions apply!

So go ahead and if you like the product hit the “I want one” tab on BindaasBargain!

What more : They even have a contest where you can win an Apple iPOD, for purchasing or referring friends. If you have already not joined – Do it now as it is your last chance – Join now!

Request : Kindly retweet / email or do anything else to share this post, help others save something too! :)

Be updated always with freeGyaan. Connect to freeGyaan via : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates