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Hey are you planning a holiday?
Why not try this offer, where pay only for 3 C.D (i.e, For Rs.499) and get freebies worth around Rs.4990/-

Well previously too Indiatoday were giving away free gifts for purchase made at there site and now again they have added this Holiday package to its boutique..

Now they give: 1) 3 C.Ds 2) Adidas Bag 3) Holiday Package 4) BookClub Membership!
This offer is a worth try, if you are really planning a holiday,but I guess this covers on Hotel Booking and is exclusive of Tax,which is reasonable to be borne by the user..
Any more about this is here..
More other offers are
Make a Best Decision for yourself..


If you planning a movie this weekend, just don't forget to purchase your tickets at!
Paymate this is time is giving away 50% off on purchase of any movie tickets on their site,and any number of times before 30th April!
So why not make use of this at the most?
More info about this is here..

P.S: Purchase is thru Gifmate and not Paymate!


This would not be a new post for most of you, as Chikka was started long ago an most of us know about it..
Anyways this is for those who don't know about it!!

Chikka is a sms messenger, You can send a long msg of 360 characters to any cell for free!!
In India Chikka has a tie up with Indiatimes and by downloading their messenger you can send free sms to any cell in India and also to other countries!
This is all about the direct method by entering phone no.
Now this is a lil' tweak, you can also send sms to anyone in the world from your Google messenger!!
All you need to do is add his no. into your contacts and see the fun!
Add no. in this format:
[CountryCode][MobileNumber] (e.g.

For more info and to download messenger go to Chikka main page or to Chikka's India Page!


Contest : Winner is ....

Posted In: , . By Abhishek

Hieya! After a quite sometime of vacation,I am here back to announce the name of the person who got himself the gift voucher of Rs.100 of FutureBazaar for participating at this contest.
Of all the comments I received when asked "How are you helping me to promote this webBlog",
This is the only type of comment which I expected and hence Varun Garg gets the voucher!
His comment :
" hey hi abhishek,
you have done a nice work by making this blogsite. i m a regular visitor of ur blogsite and i liked it very much. i have done a little for ur blog's popularity. i have given a post containing link of ur blogsite in my blogsite.
as my blogsite is quite popular among my college friends, so this will definitely popularise ur blog.
the link for that post is :
open this link and see urself.
by the way my email id is : "

Congrats Varun,Check your mail now for the voucher code.
Also all others please comment wasn't I fair in deciding the winner?

P.S: Others dont worry I will be back with more gifts,or you suggest me the contest type and I will get you free vouchers!


India's first (I believe it to be the Best) T.V schedules listing on Net!
This is a awesome service which gives you the schedules programs of any date on any channel and not just that it don't even let you miss the program!
Well it actually reminds you to plug on the T.V to watch your favorite program well in advance,How?
Its sends you a sms alert!
Now that is cool,you wont miss out any of your favorite serial now!!
This is still in its Beta and started recently, but have an awesome interface and a easy understandable contents!
This is from the makers of Burrp (again one more good service,which i am addicted to!)
So why waiting for experience it now, click here!
P.S : Did I forget to mention it FREE!


All of you know about mGinger, now one more is here and its paisa4sms!
This is much more better version as it also gives you some points which you can redeem for your Premium services like News Updates/Cric Scores/Jokes/Horoscope etc.
This is in its Beta stage and are providing a lot of free offers and so its the best time to register for this...
So what are you waiting for, register yourself and enjoy free premium sms service and also earn while you read those sms!!!
Click here to register!

P.S: In case you haven't heard of mGinger, it was the first SMS based ad service started in India which is largely based and pays for every ad sms you receive on your cell, click here to register at mGinger!


Rs.100 Voucher for purchase at FutureBazaar for any one of you!
Hey I received a voucher for Rs.100 and I will share this with you, if you can impress me with the reason of why I should give it to you,I mean tell me what you have done to popularize this Blog and the answer I like the most will get a Rs.100 voucher for purchase at FutureBazaar.
Sorry but I have no other option to give this voucher and by at least doing this I can get to know the popularity of this Blog,also if you had earlier mailed me some offers or anything else I'll consider them too..
Now all you need to do is,just write what you have done for this Blog in comment box here and get yourself Rs.100 gift voucher,do it fast and this contest is only valid up to 20th April and then the Best entry will win!
P.S:As of now I have only one voucher and expecting another voucher by this week,if I get it the 2nd Best entry will also win same thing!


Get yourself Rs.100 on your purchase of Rs.500 worth goods on
One of Blog Reader just mailed me this voucher code which can be used any number of time and you can get a discount of Rs.100 only if your total value of purchase exceeds Rs.500..!
Well as such is the most expensive shopping portal, but in case you find something interesting and your total exceeds Rs.500, just use this code and thank the blog-reader for sharing this voucher code..
Voucher Code: " GCGH39PEN3AY5YBYE "

Thank you again 'Reader'(Dont know the Name - Please Reply Back your name) for sharing such offers..
I once again urge you to mail me any of such offers, which we can share through this platform!


If you are one of those who are interested in purchasing travel tickets or Hotels from online and moreover from
Just try this and you get Rs.1000 off on your purchases!
This offer is really old one and brought by Rediff and Cleartrip
Here if you purchase anything on Rediff, you are eligible for getting Rs.1000 voucher from Cleartrip,which can be then redeemed to book hotel tickets etc.
For more info go here..

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Here are few offers suggested by the readers...
As I don't like to post the offers which I haven't tried but as I was sent these let me share with you all..

1) Book tickets thru sms for Kingfisher and get 2 GB MP3 free..
Well this is not for all but for First 500 users..
Also this is valid upto 30th April 2008
More info is here...

2) Watch some New Movies on your broad band for Free..
BigFlicks lets you watch free movies on BroadBand
If you have Unlimited usage plan and have no other better work go for this.. :p
Check out the page here..

Nothing more as of now!

I again request you send me more of your offers to my mail..
Mail me at
Also if have some blog and interested in Blogging with me, just mail for same!


Hey no new offers nowadays...
Anyways one thing which caught my eyes was this thing on futurebazaar!
Well if you have somehow got any of those voucher from giftmate and wondering what to purchase..
Then my suggestion would be get yourself a PenDrive!
Ya its true,they are giving away pendrives for Rs.99 and no delivery charges!
Me and my friend made us of this as we had recently received voucher from that MTV contest!
Interested then go and purchase one for yourself, here or here...!

Common buddies help to find some offers..
Please share all your offers with me and help your fellow-beings!
Mail all your offers/discounts/or any freebies to my i.d: or go here..
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