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                          a new shopping portal is giving away Rs.1000+ GV to all the customer who make a single purchase of any amount,do give it a try,as the amounts mentioned are not to high and comparatively the same like the other Indiatimes or FutureBazaar or any other..

Also one of our fellow reader, Deepu is sharing few Discount voucher which can be redeemed on this site, these are the vouchers which can be redeemed for discounts..

* 350GV : RTDVD350OFF : Applicable on Ipod Speaker and Docking Stations.
* 500GV : RTUNIV500OFF : Applicable on Universal Remote Controls by Logitech.
* 350 GV : RTDVD350OFF : Apllicable on DVD Players, Audio Systems by Phillips.

Also I have a voucher of Rs.750 which can be redeemed if you make a purchase of Rs.1999 and above, and can give it only one off you..

All thanks to Deepu for refering this site and discount voucher... Go to for shopping!


Hey flocks..
There is a good news that I have got a new domain name for the Blog!
But will be really busy with moving all the stuffs there..

So you may be find the blog acting weirdly,for sometime untill I announce anything further, so kindly bear with me and try visiting everytime as the RSS or Email subscription may be affected...

Hoping you will adjust with this temporary disorder.. Scour : Most people know about it but I never cared to use it, but I think its worth using coz I use Google a lot and Scour is also good as it gives results from all major search engine..

What is it all about and how do you earn..?
Well as and when you search, your points increase and you can redeem it for some gift vouchers..
It just simple, as you use Google same way use Scour..
Click here to join if you are not already part of it and start earning and spending..! :)


Hey flocks is anyone on this blog from Hyderabad, please do comment...
Anyways here's an small offer for Hyderabad Airtel Customers, just download a simple program which runs on your mobile and share news and more things with you..
And for your first download it even gives you a free 100 minutes Talktime!
So what are you waiting for, if intrested visit
Also please do comment,as anyone here from Hyderabad?


Hey this is just un-imaginable site I found which can get you a domain name for free...!
Just imagine to get a domain name which cost around hundreds of Rupees for free, and if you are a blogger and ever wanted to get a name to your blog, here's your chance, get yourself a blog name for free...
"Anyways I have already applied and waiting for approval!"

Whats the catch: Well not much, its just that they will display 2 ads on your page, now come-on we can do it for the freebie we are getting..!

So want a free website, contact me with the details of your website i.e what kinda website and for what reason and I will send you the link.

If serious Contact me with details on : Abhishek @


Hey this post is specially for the us the Spectacle'd flocks!
Just wanted to share, that if you were thinking of getting a contact lens but hesitating its effects though were willing to try once, here is your chance - get yourself a trial m-Coupon and get Lens at your nearest Optician,this offer is from Acuvue Moist of Johnson & Johnson, the trusted brand!
If you want to try the Lens, click here and submit the application and you will receive a SMS mobile Coupoun!


Contest Winners...

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Hey flocks, here I am with the results for the on-going contest...
As mentioned here and here, I am giving a pendrive , a top-up for mobile and Rs.250 Indiatimes Giftvouchers..

2GB PenDrive : I have now 210 email subscribers and adding your comments, and have randomly chosen a winner, and winner is Amit from Bangalore. (Congrats Amit, I'll mail you for your details)

Mobile Top-up : Considering only one person has publicized about the blog, I will give the top-up to Abhi of GeekQuery forum.. (Congrats Abhi, I'll mail you for your phone no.)

Indiatimes GV : These GV can be used only if you purchase for min. of Rs.750 and discounting you Rs.250, will be Rs.500 and the winner is Varun Garg of TechnoMasti (I'll contact you too!)

This was a fair game and everyone had an equal chance, some made use of it some dint..

Anyways I'll get back with more such stuff quite offen, till then hook onto fun2ssh..

Also at this event I'll like to anounce that I am shifting to a new domain name at the earliest, so please if you have a suggestion for a good domain, please do reply and if I chose your domain name, you will get a Rs.250 GV from Indiatimes, so use your brain and come out with a unique name for the blog! :)

If you want to contact me, mail me : Abhishek [at]


Hey this is your chance, get a Rapid Share or Mega Upload premium account for free, all you have to do is just complete a simple task and they will give you a free account..
It will take you just few minutes to complete the process but guess what you will get a free premium account, this is just not one of those fake thing but looks real!
So what are you waiting for, just give your detail on this page and enjoy! CLICK HERE....


AOL India has launced a new travel portal where in for a limited period discounting your travel budget by Rs.200, well keeping in mind what you pay, its better you book here so you can atleast have meal in Plane (if you are travelling by Economy class,where they charge for meal)
All you have to do is enter promo code: AOLDISCOUNT
Well nothing more to write on this.. Click here to go to the travel page.. Indiaplaza is here giving away Rs.1000 vouchers for your purchase of Digi Cams, and for exchange of your old Analog Camera. This is a limited period offer, so if you are planning to buy act fast..
Well the price aren't any low but you get something called Rs.1000 discount if you can exchange some other Camera available with you in any condition,any make, however it is!
You have to Choose from the range of Digital Cameras in this Section
And you can get your Gift Voucher just by logging into you account or go here for more info..

So is anyone buying, do comment and make this blog more Livelier! :)


Hey just after distributing 8 GV to some of you I am here again giving vouchers for select lucky winners who will promote this Blog in best manner..
By the way this time the Gift Vouchers are sponsored..

Gift Voucher Sponsor : Sunit
(Thanks for that Bro!)

You can do anything to promote: Blog, Advertise, Refer Friends or anything but have to comment below how and what you did to get the vouchers!
Do it soon, I have only few vouchers to give away..


Hey as there are no new offers these days, guess what I have store for you..!?!
Well a 2G.B Pendrive and Mobile topups to give away which I won on Koffi and JakasOffers!
That is the reason I tell you to join any site which I recommend, it will take only few seconds to register and if you lucky you win prizes, So if you have not joined the Must Join sites (See down at bottom of the page), do it now..! ( Eg: Paisa4sms , mGinger , JakasOffers , BolMol , YouMint , Rupeemail , ibibo , Planet-Pulse , etc...)

Anyways now getting back to Gifts and who can win it..
1) 2 GB PenDrive, which I won from Koffi, will be given to one who is the luckiest person, no contest - No work - just Luck, if you are lucky, you will get a 2GB Pendrive..
Doesn't that sound good, well all you have to do is Subscribe to this Blog through Email (If you have already, no need of doing it again) and then also commenting you name and email id here which will increase your chances of winning. I will collect all the email i.d and put it in a random box software and let it pick one email i.d and that email i.d will get the pendrive!
So what you need to do is subsrcibe and also comment your name-age-Place-email i.d,which will increase your chance as I will add your mail i.d twice..

2) Mobile Topup: This is a smaller value gift, but you will have to work for it, you will have to promote my Blog and get yourself the voucher which I won from JakasOffers..
*Tips for promoting:
- You can post something about my Blog if you have a Blog
- You can add a link on your Blog or this image or this image as a link back!
- Or use an unique way and win for sure..!

The above gifts may look weird,as you will have to do nothing and just be lucky to get a higher value gift and have to work for getting Topup, but thats the trick, a reverse Giftting! :P

You have a time Limit of upto this Sunday the 23rd Nov, when I will get the results..

P.S: Don't think this is fake and I will not reward you, you can browse through the blog and will find that I have actually rewarded earlier too.. Link are here , here , and here..

Also check this New Logo and comment how is it:


Not an offer Post, but a Tech post (Yes its free Service)

Consider this: You meet a new person or you give a Visiting Card to someone which reads: "To know more about me/ to know more about the product, SMS to 5xxxx" Doesn't leave a good impression on the minds of others, that this person is really kewl and a hi-tech kinda guy/gal and spending a lot on advertising too..?

But guess what,What if You get these Keywords for free, so that every time you can say "To know more about me SMS "Name" to 5xxxx, quiet impressive isn't it?

Yes you heard it right, its free and SMSMEON has started a new Venture where you can get your keyword for free and manage your account to send what sms to send to anyone who access the keyword..

Example: My keyword is iAbhishek, So you send a sms "iAbhishek" to 56070 and you will get my details, try it now once...!

Whats more, you can have sub-keywords, i.e one can send iAbhishek Location to find your current location (It reminds me of twitter in a 'pull way!')

So get yourself your desired keyword (Your Name) before anyone takes, I was a bit late so have to settle with iAbhishek, you don't wait get one for yourself...!

Advantage: Can be given instead of email i.d or Domain Name..

Disadvantage: Mobile operators charge a premium amount, which limits many from using it..

Anyways there is no harm in getting one for yourself coz its free, go to for more info.


Hey, this is a really urgent post, if you were planning to purchase something from Sify, do it TODAY (15th) and get Gold Coin for purchase of Rs.1000 and above and no more condition apply, atleast that page dint have any more conditions..

Anyways make best use of it as they are giving a 100mg Gold coin,that would be one-tenth of a gram,decide and act!
More info is here..

Are you subscribed to receive updates through SMS, if not CLICK here (Secure and no Spam)


Hey flocks, guess what for being loyal to fun2ssh - The freebies Blog, I am giving away Rs.250 vouchers which can be used as a discount vouchers at Indiatimes for a purchase of Rs.750 (i.e, Take a product of Rs.750 and pay only Rs.500!)
Well I have only few vouchers with me and will be giving to only if you really and genuinely need it, so you think you want to purchase something on Indiatimes, just leave a comment here, this is only based on first come first serve so do it really fast...
Also please if you are not using the voucher,please Do NOT WASTE it, someone else me need it..

Think you are really late to reply to this post,subscribe this blog by SMS and be the first to know about the latest happenings, click here..

Again let me remind you, Hurry its only for first few..!


kwality Walls
Hey this is a quite unusual topic I am blogging about, but if you have a hidden Singer in you here's a chance for you to take the singer out and Win great prizes too..!
and Kwality Walls have come together and having a contest, where in you sing a song and if you win, get prizes!
How to sing and win:
* Go to your account (Click here and register if you dont have a account)
* Register your mobile no.
* Chose a song, and click the call button..
* Get a IVRS call from ibibo, sing and it gets automatically uploaded..
* Now people hear and vote, if you are best you win, Laptops, iPods and more..!
So what are you waiting for? Go to your account now, or get yourself an account here (hardly takes 30 sec) and win Big!
* Sing your Dil now here..

Also please hear me, and if you like vote me for this song, Click here..
(If you dont like,then too Please Please Please please vote +vely for me..!)


Hello Indians, well this is quite unusual way of addressing but the topic is somehow related to we Indians (including me for the matter...)
Anyways about the topic, get yourself free Operating Software, which do run like your Windows and sometimes better than that, and guess what these Linux software are always free and Legal to Copy, Distribute and even change the Software itself..
I have two such software for you, so most of us who are using pirated Windows XP, stop it and use Ubuntu or BOSS (An Indian Version of OS, made by Indians for Indians!)
So are you thinking of changing a bit (Like I did?)
Get yourself these DVDs/CDs/Download legally for free..
For Ubuntu, Click here..
For BOSS, Download from here, or collect for free from here (if cant personally collect,they will send you for free, just write to them)

Not only are these softwares free, now even get Windows based application for free..
Just walk into your nearest NIIT or Aptech or more in this List with your School or College i.d Card and get your self Legal Copies of Softwares from MircroSoft, more info is here..

[So are you getting one for yourself now? Also wait for 2 more days, I have my last Exam and am coming back with some free goddies for you, like PenDrive and Recharge Vouchers. all you have to is hook on to fun2ssh and if possible recomend it through Technorati or word of mouth!]


Get a voucher from John Players for Rs.250 for just taking part in a designing campaign, just design a jeans and enter your mail i.d to receive your Voucher which can be redeemed at any outlets across India...
Well actually this is not a G.V but call it a discount voucher coz its can be redeemed only on purchase for above Rs.1500 and this is valid till 31st Dec 2008
More info is available here..

[My status: I have my last 2 exams coming back with an surprise gift for this Blog readers]


Hey flocks..! Are you miss updates? Well I am not back from my Exams but just for this post which I thought should be posted for your benefit..

Anyways will be short on description...

First offer is Indiatimes and Airtel..
You get a GC if you register with your Airtel no. on Indiatimes, this should be a new registration and you will get your GC, I haven't tried coz I dont have an Airtel no.
More info click on the image...

The other one is Indiatimes with Tripadvisor, here you will get a Rs.250 discount voucher which can be used on purchases worth Rs.750, so it is a discount voucher as such..
More info is here..

To get this you will have to for first time share some of your travel experince or photos or anything releated to travel and they will send you and GV within 48 hrs..

Well I have 3 more Examz left and I'll be Back with a boom, till then dont forgot fun2ssh and do pray for me for my Examz wishing me Luck... (Your wishing will help me..)