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                          and Barclaycard are here with and offer of Rs.250 voucher..
All you need to do is if you have a Barclaycard, just fill in the form and you will receive an voucher of Rs.250 which can be redeemed for anything with a condition of that the total amount should exceed Rs.1000.

So dont wait if you have Barclaycard make best use of it now..!

To get a voucher for yourself go here...
More about Barclay is here..

[This offer was suggested to me by Mukesh Verma <- Thanx for that buddy! ]


ZoomIn Introduces T-Shirts and a Special Offer

If you wanted to get a Tee with your favorite image on it, this is the chance, make the most of it now.
Act now and get your t-shirt at 50% off. This special introductory offer is good only through 31st May 2008 so start creating your own design now.
Use promo code TSHIRT50 during checkout to activate this offer.

Go to the t-shirt section here and use the promo code above while check out and get your self 50% off, If you are not registered at Zoomin do it first here to also get 25 free photo prints..!


CafeGadgets is celebrating its first anniversary and for this achievement its giving a 100% CashBack for any product purchased from there portal in form of a GiftVoucher.
There is No Limit for your purchase and also the same amount of GV will be mailed to you.
But Remember this is only valid upto June 15, 2008.

The said given voucher can be utilized if you make a purchase of 5 times the voucher amount,i.e if you make a purchase for Rs.500 the next time you will be eligible for a deduction of Rs.100
In all if you make a purchase now,you will get a discount of 20% for the next time.
So make a wise decision while making your purchase..!

For more info on this and for other terms go here..


Zapak again is back with a similar offer like Zapak ATM Contest which it run previously..
Here too you have to play games to win points and then redeem to assured giftmate voucher..
Here you get 2 points for single player game and 5 points for multiplayer game..

This is a good offer if your really free as you can get a whole lot of freebies..
More about this offer is here..
So dont wait now, Register at Zapak and collect points!

[This offer was also shared by Pavan <- thanx for that Pavan :) ]


Get your self Rs.100 off for purchase made at Rediff..
This offer is not from Rediff, but one of Blog reader who is ready to share the voucher codes with us.. If you are really interested in getting one for your purchase please contact him!
Contact : Varun Garg
Mail :
His Blog :
Hope all you readers will make use of this voucher by Varun [Thanx Varun for that..]
Also please keep on sending and sharing this kinds of Offers :)


Giftmate is back once again with a brand new offer..
And this time its with
This offer is valid on for first 4000 customer and valid from 14th May to 28th May.
About offer:Get 50% cash Back for your purchase made at with your Gifmate,
The cash back will be in form of an other voucher of value 50% sent to your cell within 7days...
>> That means you only pay half of your bill price (* subject to a maximum of Rs.500)
It has been quite sometime for Giftmate to come out of offer and now it has,make use of it now..!
To buy a Giftmate voucher go here..
For more details on this offer and to see the terms and condition click here...
[Remember this offer is only for first 4000 customer, so act fast]

This offer was also shared by Manish (his blog) [Thanx Manish, keep suggesting!]


Ebay - 10% off Voucher..

Posted In: , . By Abhishek If any of you make purchase at Ebay, then please let me know as I can share a 10% voucher with you.. Please request if you genuinely need it, as this is only voucher and dont want to waste it unnecessarely..

And the winner for that Rs.100 voucher is
(Please mail me personally krunalsat)
Please keep on sharing your offers.....
My mail:!


This is an awesomely designed site which lets us send free sms to India for free..

This is like 160by2,way2sms which allows you to send a 80 charecter free sms and the other 80 has ads..

The sms which you send can get delivered by a call....! Confused?
Well this a new startup and your sms message is converted into Voice call by a text recognition software and the call is immediately made to the receiver..
What more this is totally free for anyone, and not to forget what a simple UI it has..
Some other site which lets you send free sms to add to my free sms collection site is which again is on same concept on 80-80..
Now we have,
(also see this previous post here..)
And the best ever..

Sending sms for free is not a problem at all...!


Bookmyshow is here again with an New offer..
This time this is with ICICI Cr. Card with some conditions for obvious...
Remember that this offer is only for weekend show,
so make this weekend a free one :p

There is some conditions for this offer, Different Card (Silver/Gold/Platinum) get different kinda benefits..

For more info about this offer
go here...
Also to read about Terms and condition go here..

[This offer is suggested by Bikash, Thanx for that Bikash]


Hey thanx....

Posted In: , . By Abhishek

Hey thanx for all your responses..
Let me make few things clear..

1) Please don't copy and paste offers from other blogs!
2) Also the offers such posted are not included by me here as I don't feel it will help us at large!
3) I love ubuntu and don't want them to spend a lot on us for sending the free OS, as most of us wont be able to understand how to operate it.. and hence haven't added the post here (Sorry for that krunalsat)
4) Please go here to see all the offers posted by the readers...
5) Now its a tuff job for me to decided whom to give the voucher..!!!

And not to forget..
You guys have a lot of offers/discount with you but dont share the same, unless I give something as reward, thats really bad of you all :(
"Please Share..." [Batanese he Pyaar Badtha he...]


Mobilestore and HSBC 'DEBIT Card' are here with some offer..!
This is yet another offer from after the previous one here..

Anywayz about the offer:

If you have HSBC Card and are planning to get some Mobile or Electronic stuffz, this is the Best time to do so..
You can get upto 50% off on whole range of stuffs on their stores spread across India.,the details of which you can find here..
To know more on this offer check this offer page..

This offer was suggested to me by Raghav [Thanx for that Raghav..!]


Hey, I am once again giving you a chance to get a GV worth Rs.100 of FutureBazaar to buy anything..!
Well I have no New offers to share with you nowadays,
So I thought of giving away some freebies myself, and here I am again to give that Voucher!
All you need to do is take active part here and suggest some good offers, the best offer/discount/ anything related to freebies will get this Voucher..
So what are you waiting for?
Share now to get stuffz for free!

[REQUEST : If you like my Blog and want me to keep this up, Please it is a request : Clicks on the ads on this Blog every time you visit and complete the activity, that will help me to get you more freebies!]


This is something which most of you know!
Its just for those who don't know about it....
Here are few things which I do for you, I mean its all related to sms to your cell..
As you must me aware of smsGupShup and many others like that which are existing on Internet..
If you want to get News/Cric Score/Sports Updates/Fwd SMS/ Cool Onelinerz / Bollywood Buzz or any premium service for that matter.. All you need to do is subscribe to my updates!
>> For all of above, type: "JOIN FunoRama" and send it to 567678 or click here and join..
>> Exclusively for OneLinerz type "JOIN OneLinerz" and send it to 99801 99801 or click here and join..
>> For updates of Post at fun2ssh, type "START FUN2SSH" and send it to 98453 98453
>> For my vakow sms Fwds type "SUB Abhishekie" and send it to 99015 54321 or click here and join..

I have no New offers nowadays,please help me by sending your offers/discount or freebies to me..

Mail me at