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Few Sale and Discounts on Net*

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Hey Readers nothing much to give you this time again, but it was almost a week and I wanted to write something, so here are some offers/discounts/sale on net which I found share-able..

Sify and Provogue offer:

Sifymall has come up with an offer in which if you shop for Rs 3000 or more at Sifymall online store,you get Provogue sunglasses of worth Rs 1500 absolutely free.. This offer is valid till 15th September 2008.This offer is only valid within India and not for international orders. Click here to read more about this offer.
Ezeego offers Hotel Room Booking at Re.1*

This is one weird yet cool offer,Ezeego is offering selected hotel bookings for Re.1 per room with the only restriction that the customer will need to pay for the Meal Charges irrespective of consumption.The Meal Charges range from Rs. 650 to Rs. 1000 per person per day and they include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all three. I guess this is a good offer as one can spend money for food to get Hotel Room for free..! More info is here..
40 % Off on Wills Lifestyle at Indiatimes:
If you are looking to buy some apparel then you can surely give a glance at Indiatimes shopping as Wills lifestyle is providing flat 40% off on all apparels.They haven't mentioned any last date of offer.To look at the apparel's available u can click here to go to offer page.


This is not an offer but just a tech update..
As Orkut is second God after Cricket in India, thought of sharing this the earliest...
The long awaited sms scrap is now available in India too after it was introduced in Brazil long back...
All you have to do is go to the settings page and add your mobile which will then send you sms notification when you get any scrap and you can reply them too!
All this is not yet been official released I guess as there is no mention about it on Orkut Blog, but now you know what to do.. :)
Fells good isn't it? Register your mobile here... and more details how to send sms and costing of the same is given here...
Man this is really Good and fast too.. I get sms alerts as soon as their is a scrap, I had been waiting for this for long, If not I used to browse thru ** (GPRS version of orkut,if you dint knew) which was sometimes not supporting my fone :(
Anyways Enjoy orkuting and fun2ssh as well...
Also comment do you like me to provide further such 'Tech updates' on this freebies Blog?


Planning to fly..
Specially from Mumbai to Delhi, then have some relief as the base fares in this sector are only Re.1 on IndiGo flights.. (Obviously the taxes part will surely be the same..)

Increasing taxes and fuel prices have sky-rocketed the prices,but you can avail this one time offer of cheap fare again..

And guess what..? You need book a flight 2 months in advance, the next flight is available at Re.1!!
Anyways in case you dint know about this,I guess it helped,Book your tickets here.

The "It's Raining Prizes" Offer at Air DeccanYet again if your flying some other sector, try doing it on AirDeccan as they have a promotion on and if you book between August 18 and August 27, you are eligible to win many prizes and an assured GV of CafeGadget of Rs.250. More info about this is here...
In case these updates are helping you save something,consider getting me a ' Cup of coffee' (Click on 'Paypal' donate button on Right hand top) Thanks anyways! :)


TheMobileStore is once again into action by giving an assured gift with every purchase at there store online or offline, this one is enhanced version of their previous offer here..
The terms and condition are similar to the previous offer, that you will get a scratch card after purchase which will win you and assure prize of any of these:
1.Holiday Package
2.Apple iPod
4.Rs.10000 cash back
Well if you are planning to buy a mobile why not give a try here,anyways you will gain something back for the value they charge!
Claiming gift will take some time and you have to fallow procedure mentioned here..
Anyways Happy Shopping, check for more info!
Only thing I would say is never do anything without reading the terms and conditions..!

And ya almost forgot : HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!


Few Quizes and Promos on Internet*

Posted In: . By Abhishek

As usual I am not getting any good offer to place here (Not much support from readers)

This post is relating to the contests and promos going on over Internet, I dont assure for the Prizes but will take only a few minutes to enter your details and participate in contest,who know you may be the lucky winner - If so dont forget to give me a party! :)

1) Taare Zameen Par DVD Contest : Your chance to win TZP DVD
2) Win FREE tickets to Bachna Ae Haseeno : Can I accompany you,if you win?
3) The Mummy : Chance to win Laptop Bags and Movie Merchandise

This is as of now.. More will be updated if I get!


Planning to Fly? Do it on Ezeego1...*

Posted In: . By Abhishek

Planning to fly in India or Abroad..?
I think I can compensate the high expensive 'Air Tickets', You can make your purchase at ezeego1 as they are giving vouchers which can be redeemed to purchase watches!
I know this is not a *Attracting offer* but still if any one was planning to get an air ticket this will somehow give something to them :)
Not to write much about this, you read for yourself, more info for domestic is here and for Abroad/Hotel Booking is here...


FuterBazaar is giving some 5 DVDs for Re.1 + Shipping charges of Rs.45 :(
I dont like the 'shipping charges part' but posting this message to stop Piracy.. You will have to shell out Rs.45 as shipping charges to get those DVD. Anyways Rs.46 for a DVD is worth giving instead of those pirated stuff which most of us use..!
They are giving these 5 Titles as of now:
+ Jab We Met
+ Shaurya
+ Rang De Basanti
+ Unleashed
+ The Myth
Get to the offer page here...
Also if you have a Deutsche Bank Cr. Card you will get a 25% cash back for purchase at FutureBazaar, more info is available here..
[Request: Please guys share your offers with me, I am not finding any of good ones]


Hey Readers, No New Offer again... :(
Just few shares with you if your planning shopping and want to have a discount coupon..
There are a lot of site on Net now which gives shoppers to chose their Discount Coupons and go for Purchase..
Well next time you Go shopping, make sure you visit these sites once - who knows you may end up saving something from it!!
Here are the links of those website which are Best in this category, which were actually used by me and verified:
Many more will update when I find :)

Thanks to Apoorve who shared this link..