Today I will be sharing some experience of me earning something out of daily being online - I do nothing much, just 5 Minutes a day for earning all these..

This craze started when I saw mGinger and then I started searching for more and more such stuff and now I guess I recover if not much atleast the electricity charges to run the Machine whole day!!

So, what I am sharing here are already blogged and most of you might have joined them and also earning out of it. But I just wanted to share some Experience.

Start off with :

1) SMS ads Sites : There were many site after mGinger which came and drowned but these 2 sites are constantly paying me and I receive ads which help me keep updated with various offers and freebies too. What you do is just register and then keep receiving ads and getting paid for them. And now I have been paid by both of these sites once!! In case you are not part of these 2 SMS ads site join now. The sites are mGinger and YouMint (Do give it a try!)

2) Email Ads : I know only 2 Indian Sites which pays for every ad mail you receive. There are many site which claim to pay in $ but these 2 simple Indian site have paid me once and I have enough money to get the second payout too! In case you have not registered for these sites, check out Rupeemail and Youmint (YouMint is a mixture of sms and email ads)

3) Survey Sites : I guess this is the easiest way to get some quick bucks without doing much. Just complete the survey which you receive every now and then and get paid. There are lot of such sites which I have blogged but the easiest and the fastest payment were from IndiaSpeaks (I got 1 survey within a day of joining and my first cheque within a MONTH!) Definitely IndiaSpeaks is worth joining among others. Many of you not receive much surveys to your mails for the simple reason that you signup but do not complete the profile, completing atleast the personal profile is really important! Check out IndiaSpeaks which paid me Rs.200 with only one survey in a month, click here..

4) PTC Sites : This is the latest thing I have started, I have been hearing of these PTC (Paid to Click) Sites very often but did not join them as they pay really less, but then I guess daily it takes only few minutes to click on ad and finally you get something in your PAYPAL account so its just good to do it. So, I finally joined 3 such sites and earning steadily. In case you do not know about PTC sites, well its just simple. You have to signup and click on few ads daily and every ad gets you one cent and you can redeem them to your paypal with a minimum of $2 and nothing much. If you check Google with PTC, you will get thousands of such site but most of them are fake, But these which I have joined are most trusted by the Industry. So if intrested do join these sites.. The sites are NeoBux | BuxWiz | TriBux – Do give a try!!

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