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RSS FEEDS of your Favourite site on SMS !!

You can Get free RSS Feeds of your favourite blog or site...
Though this service is available in US was not in India.. :(
But I searched how could i get it n guess wat i found a creepy way :)

Well all you have to do is Go to myToday in register there...
And then they Have a option called feeds..
At feeds you can place the link of your favourite RSS and then save it to recive as sms!!

Its really Fun !!

Reply post if your not able to make it n I'll explain Further !!


Shop for ANY amount on between January 16th and March 16th 2008 and get an e-Gift Certificate for the total amount spent during the promotion period!

So what ever purchase you make would mean you 2 of the same things !!
Visit for amazing deals on:

The Deals includes:
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• Jewellery Movie & Music CDs
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• Gifts
& much more...........

This is really cool once in a life time offer...
So why dont you make optimum use of it..

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Online booking can now win you a BlackBerry Smartphone.

Starting January 1, 2008 you can win a BlackBerry Smartphone everyday!
Book your tickets online until January 31, 2008 and complete your travel on or before February 29, 2008.
You could be amongst the lucky few to walk away with a BlackBerry Smartphone.
One lucky winner will be chosen on a daily basis.
What's more, earn upto 750 Bonus JPMiles when you book your tickets online and use our Web or Kiosk check-in facility.
Hurry! This special offer is valid for a limited period only. Book online now!

This article was pulished in Times..
So if you are planning for a journey somewhere why not take a chance ??

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The customer rewards program that lets you earn reward points everyday,
Just for doing the things you do anyway, at thousands of merchant outlets across India !!!!
Buying groceries,
Filling fuel,
Eating out,
Traveling and more....
imint has member merchants across all categories..
Earn points no matter how you pay – by cash, cheque or card...
These points can be redeemed for fabalous gifts !!

Bad Part : All this at a one time fee of Rs.199/-

I have a card myself and collecting points... :p

What i prefer if you are a large spender to make this one time investment and get rewards !!

For More Info Visit this page !


Hey can you spend one to one and hour to play Online Games ?
If you can then play 40 Games on Zapak and get Rs.100 Voucher!! Sounds Interesting ??

Well yes Zapak has introduced this contest (ATM Contest) where you can sure win!!
But if you can play more you are eligible for getting 200 to 500Rs. Vouchers!!! This is really cool! you can choose to play from over 500+ Games and sure to win !!

The disadvantage is all games to be played in a day, i.e, if you are not able to complete all games you will loose all your points and have to start freshly from next day :(

This is the snapshot of that contest page !!

Now just try playing and you are sure to win !!

More info about this at this page!

Also hey please come and reply back after you get some prize!
So other readers can get to know what is best to do !!


Here is a chance to get yourself a free purchase of Rs.250!!
All you need to do you send some msg from your cell and search for Air-Tickets of KingFisher Airlines..
This will eligible you to free voucher !!

You will have to..
1)First send a msg "KING" to 5667711
2)Search for any Flight Details in format which will be replied by first msg..
3) Thatz it.. you'll receive a msg to your mobile no. in a day or 2 wid a gift Voucher no.
4) Register that Voucher at
5) Make your purchase on any of the 3000+ merchants listed on the site

For more info visit this site!


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Some of the sites which everyone should be aware off !!
These are the few sites which i have found which provides you various features...
But all this are real fun n Tempting !! Try all of these now !!
Who dont know about this.. Itz a new Indian Venture which let you make money when you receive ads on your cell !!
Really cool thing every time you receive an sms your account gets credited with money..!!
In case you haven't registered yet... REGISTER NOW !!
Send Free text msg all over India to any cell with your prefered name as the sender !!
This is really a grt as itz free and your name is displayed wen anyone receives SMS !!
Get yourself Registered here and ENJOI !! Click Here to Register!!

This is the best thing i have found !!! Wont you people like to get an sms alert as soon as you get a mail in your inbox....?
Well thou yahoo n others are providing this service.. But they charge you for the same.. Now if this service is free.. How good it would be !!! Well yes is doing this freely for you !!

Hey all the above sites were great at sending sms !!
Now What if you want to call anyone in world for free ??
Ya itz possible neither of the party would incure any cost and you will able to make free call !!
Sounds interesting rite??
Try it for your self...... Click here to register !!
This is also a new India Venture...
By this though limited but the mails you receive in your inbox would provide you with some
real cash.. For every mail you receive you can earn upto Rs.2 !!
Isn't this Great ?? If so try it now, Registering will only take your 2 mins..

There are lot more.... You'll Find them all here....


Welcome !!

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Hieya Pplz !!

This is my 2nd Blog aftr
Herein i'll be posting a lotta info n offers n wat not every now n then..
So make it a point to bookmark this page...!!

Enjoi pplz as i have started !!!