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I have been searching net for some good offers to share but looks like we have none nowadays. But found these stuff which may interest you. Online BookstoreTheStorez : Remember I blogged about this website the other day, now we have yet another offer from them. They are offering few books free of cost, yes Rs.0! And all you have to pay is Rs.2 per book towards shipping (now that is the least they could have charged!) So go ahead guys, check out these books here.. Shopping : Check out their Magazine store, where you can get Magazine subscription with upto 50% + discount. Click here..

The Magazine offers include : 50% off on Entrepreneur Magazine, CHIP at 55% off and many more. Also, check out new book from Chetan Bhagat “Two States” at just Rs.65. Click here..

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Quaker Oats, A Pepsi Holding Company has started a Online Campaign long back to check your health and it is going on really good. Most of you might have tried it but for those who did not know about this and have not yet tried it. Here is the info…

GoodMorningHeart in association with Apollo Hospitals is on A Mission to Get India Healthy. And this website does just that.You give in your details on your Health mainly Heart in form of a small survey and then you get results on your health results and tips to overcome any problems..

What’s more : Manish Maini mailed me and Venkata Karthik commented here on blog that they have got a free sample of Quaker Oats after completing the survey successfully. Go ahead guys and you may get a your Health report and a free sample too. [I am not sure of it though, but these guys say they have got it. So there is no harm in trying!]

So, what are you waiting for. If not free sample you will get a Heart Report for sure. Just give them the best possible and RIGHT answers and complete survey to get the report.. Go to GoodMorningHeart now!

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Here are few more contest running on the Internet. Participate and you may win goodies, like others..

TATA DocomoTata DoCoMo Diet SMS Contest : Use max 15 letters while tweeting, fb updating, on orkut or any where else and you are eligible to be part of this contest. Check this page to know more, click here..

Think Digit Contest : Take part in the Festival contest you can win daily.Check out the contest page here..

Outlook Traveler Annual Survey : Take part in this survey and you could win Designer Sunglasses. Click here..

Colgate Dental Check up : Free Dental Check up. Just enter your PIN and get the details of your nearest Dental clinic, book a appointment and get a free check up. Click here..

[Thanks to Manish, Manish Maini and Esavalia for sharing this info with us.]

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LearnNext : A e-initiative to make children learn through the power of computer and Internet. Basically for CBSE Class VI to Class X childrens, but surely others can learn too. They have covered all topics on all subjects for easy learning in an interactive way.

You can now request for a demo C.D of the product and later decide to purchase any subject or not. But its worth giving a try if there are kids in your family or neighbors. My kid-brother subscribed for this and got the C.D from Hyderabad withing 2 days.

So, in case you wish to get a free C.D for your kids or brothers or any other kid around, just join LearnNext and request for free Demo C.D.Click here..

[This was shared by Manish and my lil cousin bro Viral, thanks! ]

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TheStorez : An online book store. If you are a regular reader of books, this is a best bookstore for you. You can get discounts on all new books and moreover find almost all genre of books here.. I just browsed through the store and found a lot of books at great bargain and they the delivery charges are low too. In all a good store to buy books from.

I, being from Bangalore (largest no. of book loving people in India are from Bangalore, in case you did not know) have seen many people buying books from various book stores and considering the craze for books here, I wonder if it is the same all over India.

Anyways, check out their store where they are currently having a 25% off sale most of the books – Click here..

Also, thanks to Naman who got this discount coupon which gets you an additional discount of 5% on all books. Coupon code : “nsoct30″ valid only till 31st October 2009

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Few more Random Contest online.

Posted In: , . By Abhishek

Here are few Random Contest shared by readers of freeGyaan. I urge you to go ahead and try them as who knows you may be the lucky winner. If you thing these contest never get you anything ask them who got 8GB ipods and many other thing after playing contest shared here. I myself got tshirts and Music C.D. As always, I say – ” Without trying you are sure to get nothing. Go ahead try!”

Have not much time, so just will give you the links this time! :)

Blue Movie Contest :

My Sisters Keeper : Answer a simple question and win tickets for My Sister’s Keeper in Mumbai – Click here..



Mika’s Music C.D : WIN MUSIC CDS OF MIKA’S NEW ALBUM – Click here..

Do Knot Disturb : Win Movie Tix – Click here..

H.P Climate Change Photography Contest : A contest to showcase your photography skills, Click here..

Tech2 Uncharted 2 Contest : Check out contest here…

Exclusive for ICICI Bank Customers : If you are ICICI Bank Customer, you need to check these offer. ICICI Future Bazaar Offer and ICICI Netbanking offer.

[Thanks to Vinoth for sharing most of the contest, also thanks to Dhawal and Mr.Radhakrishna for sharing offers! :) ]

Last Note : I am extremely busy now a days, and am not able to keep up to this blogging. But guys I surely get more freebies once I comeback always, so wait and I will be back with more masala and more freebies..



Here are few random contest online shared by users. Check them and you could be lucky winners! :)

Pioneer Watch 2 Win : Just check out this video and answer simple question that fallow and you may be the luck guy to win a Pioneer Music System every week. Check out the contest page here.. [Shared by Prajapathi and Manish]

Tech2 Cooler Master Contest : You could win a cooler master for yourself. Check out the contest page here.. [Shared by Vinoth]

Manza : Tata is all geared up to launch a new Car Manza and is keeping it in wraps what kind of car it is. There is online contest for the same and you could get lucky to own a car for a day amongst other prizes. Check it out here.. [Shared by Ravi Gupta]

Also, something for a change. Do a noble gesture with LG. Just saw this banner on facebook. LG is giving Re.1 to CRY everytime you light a diya online on their website. So take a moment off and light a diya, and make Diwali special for everyone – Click here..


[Thanks to everyone who shared these stuff with me. Also I am sorry If I missed anyone's name as these contest were shared by many people at the same time. I will make sure I write eveybody's name next time!] SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates


Fiama Di Wills : Send a free Fiama Di Wills gift voucher to yourself or any of your friends or family members – Courtesy Fiama Di Wills’ Mission Beautiful Hair.

Ritika, one of blog reader got this hamper and shared it on our orkut community, Also mainly Manish found the link to the site where we could gift the hamper. So, guys thanks to both of you. Others do not miss the power of our orkut community – Join now! :)

So, how you can get the voucher :

1) Go to

2) Click on Gift a Hamper

3) Add your details and the person whome you want to send the gift hamper.

4) The other person gets a mail and then they have to provide their details.

5) Once they give the address. Wait begins! :)

I just did it for my sister, and hope to surprise her! :D

Go ahead guys, and do not forget to comment your thanks to the fellow readers who share such stuff with us! :D SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel