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An Offer from Kreeda and Dance Mela!

This is a real old one but I had to verify it...
So I waited till now and got the C.D within 15 days or so..
So here you take the benefit too (in case you actually dint know :p)

This Game is Based on Concept of Nachle with Saroj Khan which is aired on NDTV Imagine

A lil' About Dance Mela : India's first Multiplayer Online Dancing Game. Dance with people from all over India while enjoying the latest Bollywood hits. Create your very own character, choose what they wear right from the hairstyle to the type of shoes. Meet, greet and chat with other players using the in-game Chat tool. Enter the never-ending party!

To get the C.D just give your address and your other contact details no other strings attached!
Click here to Get FREE C.D
Or here to know more on Kreeda and Dance Mela


As usual this offer is from GiftMate..
And this time its with MTV Roadies..

To get this all you need to is SMS the person name who is going to be eliminated in this episode..
You need not be right to get the Voucher, Voucher will be given to every one who participate...

Format of the msg should be:
ROADIES name and have to send it to 56882.
The name of un-eliminated players are listed here..
More Info is available here...

Well I have tried it but not yet received the voucher as it says minimum of 7 working days..
So if you try and get it please reply here so others can be benefited !!

This offer was suggested to me by Deepu..! [Thanx Deepu]


GiftMate Voucher can 'once again' be availed free by shopping on SirIndia!

The voucher canbe availed by just purchasing anything of any value without any strings attached!
Shop for any amount and get a GiftMate Voucher worth Rs. 250 absolutely Free.
You could use this voucher to buy any product on site.
There is no minimum purchase amount on this voucher.

This offer is valid for all transactions on between February 22nd 2008 to March 7th 2008.
More Info is available here..

This was suggested to me by Rahul! (Thanx Rahul)
If you have any such offers please recomend me to add on here!
You can mail me at


Get your self 2 wrist watches!!
All you need to do is make a purchase of any value at FutureBazzar and use Giftmate option while making the payment..
Giftmate are really using weird marketing statergy by giving away all these gifts..
Giftmate previously gave a Rs.250 voucher which was covered in this blogpost..
Now again they are giving away these watches...
Good times a here for us.. LOL!!

Anywayz make the Best use of this offer too....
What you need to do..

1.First Go here and get yourself a Gift Voucher..
2.Then make a purchase at FutureBazzar..
3.Make the payment using your Giftmate option..
4.Rest assured that you'll get your gift!!

[Note] This offer is only valid upto 29th of Feb..

So dont think more.. Just get yourself one or shall i say two watches immediately!!

More info about this offer is available here..
If you have no idea of how to purchase thru Giftmate just to Giftmate site here..
Or just mail me at [] and i'll reply you at the earliest!!


Hungry Kya?? Domino's kha....

Well ya.. Treat yourself with Domino's Pizza and get a discount of 20% on your total bill!!

Nothing much to write just wanted to share this coupon :)

Anywayz next time you go out make sure you take a print out of this for the discount...
Also if you like this then consider gettin me a share in that Pizza :p

To get the coupon click here!!


OffersForShoppers one of the first web2.0 online portal which gives you a lot !!
Again mainly for Bangalore and will be covering rest of India sooooon!! is the first company to bring online,Bangalore deals and Bangalore discount coupons.
With the help of this service, consumers can search and explore all the options available in city before actually going to a shop and making a purchase.

What is this all about??
Well you can get huge discounts coupons as an sms to your cell and when you make a purchase just flash the sms and you get discount!!!!!
Sounds real fun!!
Well though this is still a initial stage and they don't of much common things to offer but you can ask for anything and they will get you they codes!!
Just not that... If you are not able to access net and are on shopping, Call/sms offersforshoppers and they will provide you with coupon on the move!!

For more quries on this visit their query section
Or visit their site

Also if your not able to understand anything out of it..

But you want a discount coupon n I will personally search it and message you back..
Mail me your quires at:
Or just leave a comment here..!!!


Live Traffic Details on Net!!

Next time you want to speed up somewhere...
And are scared of the Terrific Traffic on some street!
Take a moment and visit these sites...
Now you are assured of choosing the Best alternate Lane!!

Here are a list of sites to be checked before you leave your place!!
Also these don't only give the Live Traffic details but the road maps provided by them are really awesome !!!

Currently only Metros are covered!! :(

Anywayz... Here are some site... All really helpful (Really much helpful than Google Earth)

For Bangalore
For Hyderabad
For Chennai
For Delhi
Apart from the above one you can also have a look at RouteGuru still in beta stage but the concept is awesome..This site will send you a sms which will have the full route of the place you selected!!!

All these are brought to you by MapUnity, Thanx MapUnity!


Discount Coupon of Rs.500 for your Car Service

+ Are you From Bangalore?
+ Do you own a Car?
+ Are are you planning to Get it serviced?
>> Then Read Further!!!!

You can Get your Car serviced and get a Rs.500 off on your Minimum Bill of Rs.1500
This offer is brought to you by BIMAL Agencies... (Authorised Dealers of Maruthi)

Also there are many other similar offer on this New All Car Portal Carzoo

Right now all these offers are available for Bangaloreans only..

Anywayz Bangaloreans Make most use of it now...!
Others Dont worry I will post some more offers as soon i get to know them!!

For more info about this offer go here!!


Get 3 Months subscription of Magazines for Just Re. 1!

Yes its all true and not fake...!

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine is giving away 3 months of subscription at Indiatimes to all!
There is no hidden cost.
Just One Rupee (Re.1) and the book is delivered at your home!!

All you need to do is Go here and select option 3 months/India from the drop down menu..
Thats it all is done!!!!!

You can make payment by any means...
That is Credit Card/Net Banking/Itz Card/Paymate or any other online or off line option!!

I would really suggest you to subscribe for this coz Re.1 would hardly matter anything to you and
you will get a magazine delivered to your home~!!

Hurry! Do it as soon as possible coz I have no Idea till when this offer will last!!
For more Info click here!


Get your Photos printed for Free!!

In this New Competitive World everyone is providing you Best things at Competitive rates..
In this process many are giving away free offers...
So make use of it...

There a lot of new sites for printing your snaps on photo paper or t-shirt or cups etc..

These peoples give away 10-15 prints for free and you only end up paying
the Courier charges that can be Rs.30 or so...
[I personally tried Zoomin which I feel is Best as it has lowest delivery charges]

What you get for Rs.30 then?
+ You Get 15 of your photos for free
+ You simple yet trendy foto frame..
+ Delivered within 2 working days...

So check them now...

Zoomin gives 15 prints and Rs.25 as courier charges..

PicSquare gives 10 prints and around Rs.45 as courier charges..

SnapFish gives 10 free prints and around Rs.40 as courier charges..

itasveer also gives 10 free prints.

So I suggest you to try anyone of them now...
Its like almost getting things done at Free of Cost!!


Free Mobile Voucher Code Generator !!

This software referred to me by my friend Jathin (Also in his Blog)

It is one of the awesome software which when operated rightly can give amazing Results!!
Here in this Software you specify that you Need a 13 Digit Voucher Code and it will Randomly Generate them!!
This software works on some algorithm and thus can be generated effectively!!

This has been tried and Tested successfully by Jathin (His Blog)

Also if have knowledge of C / C++ it will surely come handy as you can specify the series of digits...
Download and try for yourself and who Knows you may the lucky one who get free Recharge code..

Note: This is just a Trick although and getting the code is depended on how you use..
Also I'm not responsible for any Violation or Conduct..
This is Just a experiment which i am sharing with you!!

Anywayz try getting the software and Enjoy!!
>>>>>>>> Download it now here!

Also make it a point to share your experince here..So other fellow readers can try it out too..!


Jaxtr - Calls to world made free !

Though most of you know about Jaxtr.. This for those who don't!! :)

Do you want to talk to your friends/relatives living apart in different parts
of world for free?

Then jaxtr is the solution!!

+ What is jaxtr?
Jaxtr links your phone to the web, so you can hear from callers
worldwide while keeping your existing phone number private.
+ It works with any phone you already use,
including ordinary landline phones. No download required.

Basically how it works!

Well when you register...
A account with a link of your Name will be provided to you!
[Eg. <== this is link to call me free]

Now if your frnds go here and enter there fone no.
Jaxtr will call him and then connect you to him..
In this way no one incures anything and you can talk for free!!!!!

If you want a Live Demo try calling me for free.. Click here to call me free!

Also more about this at Jaxtr


Airtel presents SMS2.0 Now make your SMSs come to life, for free

What is SMS2.0 ?
Why go for SMS2.0 ?

I think this will help ya...

+ SMS2.0 is an improved version of SMS .
+ Downloading SMS2.0. It is a free upgrade.

+ Using SMS2.0. It is for free use.
+ Content that is shown to you through teasers and full screens. All content is free .
+ Browsing the content
+ SMS charges are the same. No extra charge. Your SMS subscription will not change.

+ There are no charges for the Internet data used by SMS2.0 to download the teaser and full screen content that you see.
+ Cost of sending SMS is the same as before.

+ There are no charges for the content displayed to you.

All content is free.
Now do you any thing more for free!!!

Get a link to download this to your airtel fone from here..

For more Info Click here....

This is brought to you by Affle.
Click here to know more..