Here are few contest, have nothing much to write and hence just sharing links, check them and do comment back if you win!

1) Sony Pictures : Terminator Salvation Contest is on. Win Movie Merchandise. Check out the contest here.. [Thanks to Piyush for sharing this contest]

2) Satte pe Satta contest from Money Control : Answer 7 question on Stock Market and Money market and win Rs.1000 for every correct answer, more info about this contest is here.. [Thanks to Manish and Piyush for sharing this contest]

3) Bollywood Contests : Remember Buzz18 Contest page, they have shifted there contest page to . Check it out and participate if it interests you! [Thanks again to Piyush for sharing this]

4) Transformers Movie Contest on AOL India, check it out here.. [ Answers are : Megan Fox, Revenge of the Fallen and Michael Bay. Best of Luck!]

Not contest but some fun : You must of heard of Corneto Hojanadee, you can dedicate songs to your loved ones for free, but you need codes for that and Piyush has shared some codes, so use them to connect with your love mate – Hojaanede! Use these codes 2015296201, 2015296202, 2015296203 and so on…. to get a call on your cell instantly and dedicate songs! [Thanks again Piyush!]

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