I just saw the Google stats and was amazed to see that the most of the people in India search Google with keyword relating to online jobs and such other similar stuff through which they can make some quick bucks. And for sure there are many sites telling you many idiotic ways to earn money.

Finally, what I am sharing today is a genuine thing and payment is sure from this site. So, interested in knowing more…?

mturk : Mechanical turk, is a venture by Amazon where you are paid to work online. The work may be anything, and you can choice the work of your interest and complete it within a stipulated time and get rewarded suitably.

How to go about :

1) You choice your assignment among thousands of available assignments keeping in mind time it will take and the amount it will give. The assignments range from $0.01 to $30 and above for type of job.

2) You choice a assignment. Read the instruction and complete it and submit the HIT (Assignment is called HIT) and wait for the approval from the HIT provider. Mean while you can work and work on different assignments. Generally few people approve in a day and the others may take upto a week or so.

3) Finally, what and how do you get paid. You get paid through CHEQUE in Indian Rupee! – Yes that is true, you can choose from Gift Certificates from Amazon.com or get paid through Cheque. There is no limit for your withdrawal, you can withdraw after just a $1 or even less!! [But there is a BAD part, if you are asking for a cheque there is a processing charge of $4. So that means every time you withdraw, you will have to set aside $4 for processing.

You can read whole of the FAQ section here. Or start working on mturk, click here.

[I have started earning, but have not withdraw till now as I am having not much balance. But some of you may be really free to work and make a huge amount within weeks, go ahead and get that extra pocket money!]

http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:J5sgmegqa8SF7M:http://www.shorttask.com/images/logo.gifOther site like mturk : There is an other site which is like mturk, and good part is it pays though PAYPAL, but the bad part is I do not like that site as it has no work which actually pays, it has been spammed and I do not think it is worth trying as the minimum pay out is $50. But if you still wanna have a look, then go to www.shorttask.com


I took a lot of time in searching one genuine site which pays and even more time to write a fully understandable post. But if you still have doubt, comment here and I’ll surely try to help you out. ALSO, I have a request, please let me know, did you like this being shared. I know this is a freebies blog but finally this is a method of getting some free and quick bucks. PLEASE COMMENT AND ENCOURAGE ME. RUNNING A SHOW IS NOT EASY WITHOUT COMMENTS!

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