I got many comments and mails to share any survey site which I know, well I know many sites and have tried them all but I never am satisfied with them and that the reason I never share any sites. But now I am here with a site which I believe is true and will come out with more surveys. Even the choice of Prize we can redeem is good. We can choose anything like BigBazaar / Pantaloon / Sodexo coupons for as low as 200 points which is pretty simple to get.

" Why don't I get many surveys : Many of you have this question in your minds.."

- Well, I get quite no. of surveys and the reason is simple, I have completed all my profiles. Most of you don't fill your details fully and so you don't receive any surveys. Just fill all your details and then wait for sometime as I think this is a new site and will send you surveys pretty soon!

" My suggestion : You give it a try, all it takes is 5 mins of your time to fill everything! "

Also, like any other site this site is also based on referral and guess what you get 20 points for referral. So, you are pretty much sure you can get that vouchers soon.

So, don't wait now and get registered on this survey site and make sure you complete all your Profiles ( Mainly the personal profiles) to start receiving surveys. Click here to join now and get rewarded!

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