Online Income Tax Filing Solutions -, an initiative by 3iCSLIts month of July and that time of year when most of you will be looking for filing your Income Tax Return and going around Return Preparers for help and filing IT Return. Mainly the Salaried employees with no other income can opt for filing your returns online and forget running around IT preparers..

TaxSmile, is one such website who are providing filing of returns online and you will have to nothing but fill in all the details yourself and the uploadation of return will be automatic. They have 2 plans Silver for Rs.250 and Gold for Rs. 400. (Plus Taxes!)

Difference between these two :

Silver : You will fill all your details and compute tax with the help of website, compute tax and pay them Rs.250 . They will upload your return and provide you with an Acknowledgment form ITR V, which you will have to sign physically and post it to Income Tax Department.

Gold : Same as above but you will not have to send the return physically but it will be signed digitally which they will provide you, this Digital Certificate can be used at some other places also, as listed on their website.

Best Part : If you purchase Gold pack before 15th of July, and if you are lucky enough – you get a chance to win a GOLD COIN for free from Taxsmile! :)

So, in case you want to file your returns, better do it now to avoid last minute rush. Check out to file returns!

* Abhi’s Tip * : As you know I am student of Accountancy and Income Tax, if you have any queries regarding filing your Return or have any such doubts related to IT, just mail me or Comment here and I will help you out. And ya its free and I will not charge you for sure, I believe in providing freeGyaan! :P

I shared this, as it is the season for IT and also as you could win a Gold coin, Please comment – Did you like this post and encourage me to write more! :)

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