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No More Queue – A new website offering tickets for Movies in Theaters near you and also Online Bus tickets. It is developing and are getting connected to more theaters and more routes of Buses..

Movies : Jump the queue, select the city or theater and book tickets online. Pay the normal ticket price + a small Convenience charge. You can make the payment through Credit card or most of the Online Bank account. This service is available in Bangalore , Delhi , Hyderabad , Pune , Ghaziabad and Kolkata and even covers the small Theaters and just not the multiplex. The best part in booking ticket online is you can chose your seat which is not in case of physical booking. And guess what I have got you a discount coupon for all your purchase of Movie Tickets which is worth 10% and is valid upto Jan 8th 2010. Just use code : LWG763777

Bus Tickets : This service is new and in development stage. They have not covered many cities but only few. But the good part is every time you book tickets on this site you get Mobile Recharge or Mobile itself as they are currently running a ” Bus se jao Mobile Pao ” campaign, where you can get recharge of Rs.100 or Rs.200 on purchase and a Mobile phone on every 10th transaction. Isn’t is cool. Just check them out now.

Click here to goto NoMoreQueue Movies / Click here to goto NoMoreQueue Bus Tickets : Does it needs introduction?

Anyways Maggi has introduced new Pazzta made from Suji and is giving away a free sample. Lucifer just found this page and is sharing with us guys. So go ahead and request for your sample for free! :)

Well, I am not sure whether we will get it or not as the request page get refreshed just after we hit submit button but we do not get any confirmation that our request has been received nor we get any mail. But we can always try. So go ahead request for your free sample here..

Also like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope Santa gets us more such free stuff always! – Ho Ho Ho! :)

Love, Abhishek Jain! SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates




Fashnvia – It is one of the kind clothing online store which has almost all branded clothing and accessories both for men and women.

Check out the vast collection in an easy user-friendly layout. The delivery is free and the brands itself delivers it. And guess what you get 25% additional discount on all products till 31st December 2009 for using the below discount code after the discount provided by the store.

Discount code : FV431d92cd | Shop @ Fashnvia stores SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates is up with a crazy Deal of the Day program where it is giving away its products at throw away prices and it is only for few hours or first few customers who can make it by 11 am. – The discount is 90% of the list price!!

How it goes : Every day Zoomin will give away some of its products at lowest of imaginable price till 28th December and every new product will be revealed at 11 AM and will run till the stock is over – So only the fastest gets the benefit!

How to go about : The Deal of the Day offer is restricted to ZoomIn members only – please sign up for FREE in advance if you not already a member. To get a Deal click on the I Want One button when the Deal is active. You will be sent a coupon code to your registered e-mail address that will be valid for the day. Please redeem your code right away as we are not able to extend it.

Hope its easy but are we lucky, check out at 11 AM : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates


-, only one of such know innovative website which provides songs of your choice with lyrics of your choice too (to some extent!). You can impress your friends or family members with adding their name to the songs and send them gifts with the songs on any occasion. The categories include Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, emotional etc. Well you get a song for every occasion.

Also, you have 2 options to convert the whole song or make a small ringtone which costs less. Actually I had blogged about this service long ago when they launched and were providing Rs.99 as signup credit here. Though it is not available now. I have a good 25% discount coupon for you guys and ya this is exclusive for us the freeGyaanis! – Go ahead check it out now at

Coupon code : 1A28E6E6 – 181209 | Valid till : 31st December 2009 SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates


Here I am with a post on various freebies around the world. Though not sure which all we will get it but, we will get few of them for sure. Shared by the users of freeGyaan and few others found by me online! :)

2010 Pocket planner : Get a 2010 Health Pocket planner from NIAMS of USA. Its a medical institute and giving free Planners, Click here..

Free Pen Drive : I have a doubt on this but, its a trick shared by Bilal. All you have to do is request about information on course on a subject on Daniels College website and they will send the info on a Pen Drive. A bad idea to waste someone’s resources but you can try it here..

Wrist Band : COLA 20th Campaign, this is some Laboratory site but giving free wrist bands with company Slogan on it. Well, this has been received by one of the user. You can try this here..

Free Pen : To get a free HSBC Insurance Pen worldwide, just fill this form. I wonder will they send the few bucks PEN with a more valued Stamp. But you can try it here..

Free Stickers : Ocean/Earth a big brand in the US is giving away their stickers. You can request for yours here…

Artificial Grass : Yes, artificial Grass. Wonder what they will send but check this page to know more. Click here..

I am not sure what all we will get among this. But we can try! :P SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates


Hey most of you might have received this coupon but in case you did not, here is a 25% discount coupon code for purchase of anything at Pantaloons store till 21st December.

Go ahead use the code YTRG25HJ to get the discount! :)

[Also thanks to Manish, who shared the mail coupon! ] SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates