BIGFlix Movie Renting service from Reliance Entertainment is back with 14 days free trial. I guess it is a ‘definite must try thing’ in case you have a credit card. Its actually good, coz you can get to see movies for free and you can dis continue anytime if you do not like there pricing or service any further.

The main perquisite for availing this promo is a VALID Credit Card. You can just register on this site, and avail the free promo offer and discontinue within 14 days if you do not like. But you will have to verify yourself by giving your credit card details.

This offer was widely used by blog readers, when I blogged about their first such promo back in 2008 and many made use of this by just registering and de-registering and even watching some good movies. But the bad part is you can not try this again as most probably you can not use your same credit card again!

So, you can surely give it a try and if you do not like de-register yourself withing 14days and no charges will be levied, but if you fail to de-register after trial period surely there will be a charge on your credit card.

Suggestions : If you have a credit card, give it a shot. You can rent movies and ask them to deliver to your place or go to nearest Reliance outlet and get one for yourself. BUT remember, if you are just trying this discontinue within 14 days (or 12 days to be on safer side). I have not tried this, but I am really wanting to try it. But I do not have a credit card!

So, if interested go to there promo page and register, click here..

[This info was shared by Vishal - Thanks for that buddy!]

Also, do let us know – How was your experience with it. Any tips or suggestion through comments…

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