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Indiatimes in association with Wills Lifestyle is giving you a Rs.250 GV for your purchase at their Wills Lifestyle stores...
Best thing which you can purchase is get a Rs.500 GV for Rs.250 flat and redeem it any Lifestyle stores, so interested in getting the G.V or any other stuff from this store, all you need to do is Use this GC code for redemption: GC1230194230460499

And you will get the discount without any questions asked!
Well this offer was shared to me by 2 days back, but it had some technical faults and used to give error while placing orders, but now their is no fault, use the voucher and get the discount on this store..
And also there is no delivery charges!!

Wills Lifestyle Store is here | Gift voucher code is GC1230194230460499


If you are a Die-Hard fan of Ferrari and F1, you will surely like to have those stickers in your Room and what if they are official stickers given to you for free, sounds good isn't it??

As per their T&C, its only till 31st DEC 2008, so get those stickers right now...

So what are you waiting for get your stickers now, after all its free! :P

Click here for T&C | Click here to order those sticker
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a website which has information which can come in handy while anyone is real need of Blood..

This site is a volunteer group which collects data and helps you find the Blood donor of your Group, and thus save life, but even with thousands of participant on this site, most of still dont know about this site and thus this needs popularity to save more and more people..


Just enter the details and get free stickers (Don't waste, if you sure gonna use it, request them!)
To get the free stickers and to use them properly click here..
Did you miss to get those Ferrari stickers, Sometimes when I get offers on the Last date, I may update them at last moment and then would notify thru sms, So join to get notified by sms and stay alert for freebies, its safe and free.. REGISTER HERE...


Hey Hardcore Gamers out there, get a Gaming Installer C.D for free and get addicted to the Game of Racing, like I have blogged about free Game C.D before here..
Here is one more Game c.d available, if you are interested in Racing and truly addicted to Online Multi-player Gaming, and this time its from the gaming company Games2win, which is an online Gaming portal from really long time and providing whole lot of Gaming services...

What the company has to say about the Game?
CTRacer Online, developed by Hyundai Digital Entertainment, published by Sega, and launched in India by Games2win, is India’s first online community racing game.The highlight of this game is that it takes the unique features of racing games and adds an online multi-player mode, allowing players to play against one another from all over the country. In addition to this, there are special Team Modes where players can create their own teams and compete against other teams.Anyways if you are interested to in gaming and Racing in specific, get this C.D form them for free, just fill in the details and get it home delivered! Click here to get one for yourself!
Also I would like to let you know about a new portal which i found quite interesting and which helps you find the BEST fares and reviews of all your traveling related queries at one place..

MY SUGGESTION : TRY ONCE AND CLICK ON THE COMPARE BUTTON WHICH WILL THEN COMPARE ALL THE POSSIBLE HOTELS or FLIGHTS TICKETS or any other portal and give you honest REVIEWS, which help in saving a lot before planning out a journey!!

FOR REVIEWS and much more, before you plan out any outing, just try it once to believe it..!


eBay India is here with two different offers, which can be combined for one...
Offer 1 : eBay will give a discount of 15% if you pay with icici Bank's Net Banking option, click here for more info..
Offer 2 : Other is you buy and get to chose your freebie, may be not worth, but just wanted to share, click here to see the offer page and then decide..
Both the offers end on 31st Dec 2008, so decide for yourself accordingly..

Also folks, nowadays no much offers on store, in case you have some



Hey all of are already part of all the sms ad or email ads site, in case you aren't and dunno what it is, read further...

Youmint is a advertising site, which sends sms or emails ads and you get paid to read them, it's just mGinger or Rupeemail which were the first among these kind of networks. If you are not already part of this, be it now, and guess what you will be eligible to get a Rs.500 GV from HS18 for the same..

Do it as soon as possible as this is for a limited period only..!
To join click here.. Also join mGinger , Rupeemail


Wanted to get your photo or Calenders to be printed, now is your Golden chance...

Get your 30 prints for just 1 paise and 10 prints (New Registration) for free from Snapfish by HPthat's is a total of 40 prints and you'll be just charged for the delivery...!
What you need to do is, Create a account and you get 10 free prints, then use the coupon code which check out " 1PAISA " and you will get 30 more prints at one paisa!!
BUT HURRY, the offer page said this is just for 48hrs and had no end date, so I guess its till 18th Dec. So just hurry and get benifieted from this offer. is giving free shipping for purchase of any calender from their stores, just use coupon code " CALSHIP " , Offer valid till 31st Dec 2008

And many more giving free stuffs with them, details are below, use wisely...

Use coupon code 20PCTGIFT to get 20% off on Photo Gifts. Get a Poster Calendar free on purchase fo either a Wall Mount or Desktop Calender, Use code FREECAL , more info is here...

is giving a flat 15% discount on personalized cards and calendars,use code NEW YEAR

All the Printing stores, gives 10 - 20 prints free for registration, so make the use of this too..


Indiatimes is yet again giving free voucher for your purchase of any amount made there..
This time all you need to do is make a purchase of any amount and get these three voucher which are though valid on select stores..
I mean, the three vouchers can be used at specific stores..

* One GC worth Rs. 250 will be issued on the purchase of any product & any amount from the Indiatimes shopping site. This GC can only be redeemed on a Flower & Gifts Special Catalogue on minimum purchase of Rs.1000/-

* One GC worth Rs. 500 will be issued on the purchase of any product & any amount from the Indiatimes shopping site. This GC can only be redeemed on a Special Jewellery Catalogue on minimum purchase of Rs.2500/-

* One GC worth Rs. 500 will be issued on the purchase of any product & any amount from the Indiatimes shopping site. This GC can only be redeemed on a M & S Pen Catalogue on minimum purchase of Rs.5000/-

Anyways if you are interested do it before, 31st Dec, the last date..
Also thanks to Aniruddh for sharing this offer!


Hey dont have much good offers nowadays, but well was just looking at ibibo, a good site indeed which comes up with a lot of exiting features every now and then...
Well this time, it is a simple task again and if you have a large Buddy base, you will get something for sure..
All these time you used gTalk or Y! Messenger to chat with your buddies, not do the same on ibibo chat and you will start earning for doing so....... Now that's really Cool, isn't it?

So, download the messenger and start talking and don't forget to add me to your list.
My ibibo i.d is :
To register yourself and be a part of this offer, CLICK HERE....

Not offer but two more Contests running just in case you are interested...
1) Online Talent Recognitions platform, upload your pix and you may our next "Mr or Miss World!!"

2) If you can dance well, but dint find a platform to showcase, ibibo is your chance, upload your video and get yourself choreographed by Bosco Ceaser, Click here..

[Also please share your offers/discounts/updates with me, as I am not getting much of them nowadays..]


If you travel a lot and buy Bus tickets offline, why not try this online, as most of the travels and routes are covered by Ticketvala Homepage and fares too are almost same..
Generally you pay only Rs.10 as convenience charges, and they support all payment modes. What more there are few routes which offer mTicket and so you need not print tickets too!!
Anyways if this was good enough, you even get a Rs.150 discount voucher for your purchase of any tickets at
As there are no details of minimum pay I guess its for any amount of Ticket...

Ticketvala's Diwali Offer

More details of the offer is here and Read the T&C first here..


There are lot of Survey sites on the Web giving freebies for taking survey and other related stuffs,but I somehow fell this to be a good and a genuine one and also the latest one to be on the web,As all other sites,this will invite you to voice out you opinion and reward you for the same..

I would really suggest you to be a part of it, as this is a new one and will surely give more freebies than others to attract us, joining hardly takes a minute.


Get your Google Gmail stickers

Posted In: , . By Abhishek

This is not a free offer, but if you are really loyal to Google and Gmail, you will like to have this stickers too..

This was blogged on the official Gmail Blog, link is here..

You can get the official stickers for free, if you can send them your stamped self enveloped envelop to this address :
Send me some Gmail stickers already
P.O. Box 391420
Mountain View, CA 94039-1420

I really love to get those stickers, but dunno how do we send a post to other country and what are the stamp charges, if any one has tried this or has details about it please do let us know..


Hey remember my previous post where I had blogged about Searching on Live gives you goodies, but it was for US alone..
But now this time,Microsoft has come up with Live search India Version,where in if you are lucky enough you can win Talktime every 10 min, though its just based on luck, wanted to share so you can try your luck...

Click here
to search and also to know more about it..

Also please share your offers or Discounts with me as I am not getting any new stuffs nowadays..

Secret: Increase your chance of winning, just type "Windows" related keywords, coz I won in just 3rd time, I searched for WINDOWS MEDIA and just got the result!
Do reply back if you win, I will tell you how much talk time I got as they have asked me to wait for 24hrs..


Hey folks this is not anything new,that earning points by playing games will reward you, whats new is who is providing..
Microsoft to promote its Live search has come up with a Live Club, where you will get tickets (Points) for playing games and on other section you will get tickets to search on live..
I am not sure how will they reward and when, but I liked few games and am playing them atleast for fun! :)
If you want more info, visit homepage..

UPDATE : This is not for us Indian's, sorry missed to see the important T&C!