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Hey Guys No Offer once again,You have to share your offers/discounts so I can post here,how can I alone search on whole net? Please share and let all of get benefited!

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Also please share Good Offers/Discount as I am not getting any nowadays!

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Hey this is not a offer but there is no harm in sharing this...
In this developing Nation(s) a lot of Corporates spend a huge amount on Surveys and this Blog is related to same thing :p

Just help them to gain their inputs and you enjoy by getting paid for the surveys!

This is not a New concept at all, Lot of other sites
are doing these surveys from a long time and doing really well, but what pleased me to blog about Planet-Pulse is its simple yet great way of looking at things and at same time awarding a lot of pulse (100 pulse = $1) and every survey is gives more than 100 pulse!!
In case you have free time to take these surveys, click and join this planet and get rewarded!!
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Few offers currently on Net

Posted In: . By Abhishek

Here are few offers which I came across online, though of not much blog-able content, but may be useful for some of you. So have a deekho at these offers :)

IndiaPlaza is currently giving free Return airline tickets to anyone who purchase for more than Rs.5000 on their portal between July 5th and September 10th.I have not much to tell about this, just have a look at offer page here and MAINLY the terms and conditions here..
Indiatimes Shopping is giving away 50% of your total bill amount if it exceeds Rs.2500 in form of discount vouchers of Rs.150 each which can be used on your next purchase..
Though I don't really find this offer really interesting but if you want give it a try!
The details of this offer and the terms and condition are here..


Hey guys enrich your knowledge and richen yourself!
If you were thinking of buying some kind of Educational C.D's like Encyclopedia from Britannica,think no more because here is one good offer from yet again India Today Book Club,like before this is quite interesting one you can opt for!
About the offer: Pay Rs.499 and you will get,
1) Adidas Bag worth Rs.499
2) Holiday worth Rs.5000
3) Three Britannica C.Ds
4) One year Membership of Books Buddy Club..!

Get a Adidas bag worth
Rs. 499/-

Exciting holidays worth
Rs 5000/-

So if you can shell out Rs.500, these are all you get saving you about Rs.7000!!
If interested and to make your purchases - Click here..
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Future Bazaar and Giftmate are providing a voucher for half price like provided before here..

Buy a giftmate voucher for half price and shop at FutureBazaar for double the value..
This offer is same as the previous ones but for the restriction of only 2500 people,so act fast!

Read these Terms and condition first:
1) This offer is valid for vouchers purchased between 22nd July, 2008 to 31st July, 2008.
2) The voucher is valid till 31st July, 2008 and must be redeemed until then. No credit or validity extensions shall be given for unredeemed vouchers.
3) Customers who availed of the offer in June will not be eligible for this offer.
4)Each customer is eligible for the offer only once during the promotion period hence eligible for only one voucher.
5) For First 2500 customers only..!
For more Condition and to purchase the voucher go here...


Play Game + View Videos + View Pictures = Free iPod or PenDrive!
Yes after the Zapak Games, heres one more New Startup Portal which is giving aways freebies for being on their site..!

Though there are lot of other sites which provide similar gifts and freebies, but this site impressed me a lot and so I am writing about it...
As most of others, here you get rewarded for being regular + Sign up Bonus + Play Games + View/Review Games etc.. which would give you a lot of points to get some freebies for yourself..!
All I would say is give it a try, all it takes is 2 minute to earn your first 1000 points!
Go register yourself here..


Hey Readers!
If any one of you are planning to buy TataSky in this month, do contact me as I have a voucher which can get you a 2 months subscription for free worth around Rs.500!

I don't want to waste these vouchers and so only if you are actually willing to buy TataSky contact me..

Also this only upto 31st July 2008 and in these cities..
This offer is valid only in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Faridabad, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida, Pune and Thane.
If you want one leave a reply down here or mail me at : Abhishek [at] now!


Kingfisher is here again to promote its FLYBUYSMS scheme and this time its again giving away 2G.B MP3 players for the guest who book 2 Tickets on any of their flight between 15th July and 15th August!

Though the Air Tickets are going Rocket high I guess this way in someway give us a small relief :)

About FLYBUYSMS : In case you dont know what is FLYBUYSMS, Here you can actually purchase air tickets of Kingfisher by simple smsing! This is again and as usual in collaboration with Paymate and your amount gets deducted from you Cr.Card or your Bank account!

Anyways just saw this and wanted to share if by any chance you are flying make a good use of this :)
And the gift would be delivered to you within 25 days as per there promotion campaign!

For info about this SMS KING to 5667711 or click here.. is offering a Rs.150 GV for all those who register by giving few information like name,email and mobile no.,I guess this is for new customers so trying to give a different i.d than the one registered at IndiaPlaza by you!
I am not sure of this offer coz I haven't myself got the voucher but wanted to share..
Don't wait try out your luck to get the GV,
click here...
IndiaPlaza is also giving away Rs.100 GV for purchase at their Books Section on a minimum purchase of Rs.200, This offer is a part of their Golden Quill Awards 2008 where the award the Best books of the Year..!
You need to do the same thing,vote for the best book and get Rs.100 GV and also if lucky you can win more....
You just need to enter you Name,Email etc.. Click here to go to the page!
Important: Please read the T&C before doing anything!

You can only vote once, if more than once you will be disqualified and will not get any voucher,more T&C are here..
Once again let me remind you that I haven't got myself the voucher yet, so you give a try and comment if you get one, so others can be benefited!


Zapak is here once again giving a lot of freebies i.e, assured Rs.250 GV if you answer simple 5 cricket centric questions, and not only that - you also get a chance to get into a lottery where you may get upto Rs.4999! Zapak has previously also given a lot of gifts to promote its brand by various offers here...

Now get playing the game or call it quiz and win big, to get to the contest and answer 5 question click here..

Terms and Condition: To read all the terms and condition click here..
One important condition was : " The winners will each be entitled to ONE out of the gifts mentioned on the contest page, subject to applicable terms and conditions." and I am not able to understand what does this mean...?
Anyways keep playing and winning while Zapak promotes its group!!
[This offer was reffered to me by long time ago by Varun Garg (his Blog) but due to time constraint I was not able to update blog.. Thank Varun once again!]


Hey you people just try this service and you may get Rs.10000/-
Dont lose your heart coz you will make something out of it, if not the Big amount!
All you need to do is Send one sms and get you password and start playing!
All of us spend a lot in voting and participating in contest, so my suggestion just give this a try too...
I have tried and though not got the big amount have got something else to keep on playing!
Visit this site and do as instructed..
[You have to visit the site and send BLUFF CASH to 57333, to get password to enter the site]
And dont forget to comment if you actually win! :)


Get yourself a Rs.500 Fuel voucher of Indian Oil Corporation.
Planning to fly, then get a ticket from Cleartrip and of GoAir airlines to get a Rs.500 Fuel voucher..
This looks like a tie up between Cleartrip and GoAir.
Anyways the offer page says they will give the voucher within 7 days and send it thru post.
So get this good offer and make something out of the price you give for flying! :p
Important Terms and Conditions : This offer is valid only for first 1000 customers (They have not mentioned any dates, it says only first 1000 customers in offer period)
Please contact Cleartrip team in case for further details by dialing 1-800-22-5327
Anyways get to the offer page here..
And read the FAQ's here first..
[Thanx Anirudh for updating about this offer :)]