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Rent DVDs for free ! ! !

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As all you know BigFlix is a similar and copy cat to the highly successful US firm Netflix. BigFlix is giving DVDs on rent if we take any monthly or quarterly plans from them..

Now here is the offer: and BigFlix come to gather with a very good offer where users just need to buy tickets from and they will get a 14 day trial for renting DVDs from Free Trial Offer is for a period of 14 days and allows you to avail 1 Disc services at a time.

To avail this offer you need to have a credit card and in case you, do not cancel your membership on or before expiry of the Free Trial Membership period then they will charge 699 Rs (the amount of Rs.299/- will be appropriated towards one month subscription charges and Rs.400/- towards refundable deposit.) from your credit card so it is advisable that you return all the DVDs that you rent from bigflix and after doing this cancel the membership. and if you wanna go ahead with it then check out the Membership plans

For more offer details and t&c click here. or give a call to 3989 5050 (add your city STD code)

If you wanna buy any membership plan and if you having ICICIbank credit card then you can get 25% to 50% discount according to plans. more details can be found here.

Note: As a safe side cancel it before2 days of expiry of Free Trial Membership Period.


New Diwali offers from Zoomin

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Hi Friends this is my second post on this blog...

As all of you know that now a days all online photo printing website provides free photos and other offers to users day by day so add in today I'm giving you details about a wow ! ! offer from zooomin.

This Diwali giving two offers.

  • Spend Rs. 250 ($7.00) or more on and get a 2GB pen drive (Brand-San disk) worth Rs. 400 FREE . Just During Checkout use the promotion code: DIWALIOFFER.
  • Spend Rs. 150 ($4.00) or more on and get a 16 x 20 collage poster (worth Rs. 200) absolutely FREE . You can get this collage poster of your favourite photos in either Matte or Glossy finish. Just During Checkout use the promotion code: DIWALIPOSTER.

Now If anybody don't know what is a collage poster then get some details from here

Shoppers in currencies other than Indian Rupees please use the codes DIWALIPOSTERS and DIWALIOFFERS

HURRY! OFFER VALID ONLY TILL OCTOBER 30, 2008! more detail and t&c can be found here

Note: According to Photo Prices chart may be users need to pay shipping charge of 25 Rs.


Get an imint card for free, again!

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Hi Friends, this is my 1st post here on Fun2shh- The Freebies Blog.
As all you know, Abhishek always post new thing about imint card and most of all like to use imint card but some days ago imint card was not free but you can get the imint card free of charge..

How? I'll show you.... a premium partner of imint is giving its new registration for imint card.
All you have to do is just fill the form and submit it..
Give your basic details and you will get it for free, On successfully completing registration,an electronic card is delivered to you on your email address.This e-card must be kept with you for future reference until you receive a permanent i-mint card. just wait for your new imint card if not getting it then it is advisable that you give a call to imint customer care department and they will send you the card. So what are you waiting for, get it now, Click here..

Another way that Abhishek found to get a imint card is just send SMS ‘ilink’ to 58558. you will receive your 16 digit i-mint card no. its fast and instant and for a limited period..

Also wanna tell you that if you having points and wanna redeem it against gifts then this Diwali imint giving you 50 bonus points if you giving a online redemption request , Bonus points offer valid till 31th Oct, 2008! Hurry....!


Hey Readers, I am going offline for quite some time now coz of my Exams...
Maybe some of you will really miss my updates and offers, but be rest assured that I'll come back with lots offers and more stuffs after my exams! :)
Until then just browse through the whole Blog who knows you might have left something un-noticed and also because I update the blog again if I find any more freebie over same post..
As it will really take quite sometime to getting back to me, please don't forget fun2ssh!

Update: Hey Readers I am going offline but Blog isn't, Thanks to Aniruddh who will take on till I am back and keep you updated will all lot of stuffs online..
So if you get any free offer or discount and stuffs like that, just mail it to Aniruddh and he'll blog about it.. His Mail I.D: Aniruddh [at]

All I can say is until then just "Wish me Good Luck" and don't forget fun2ssh and me..


GiftMate Giftmate is giving away coupons at a discount of 25% flat this Diwali..
It has been quite sometime since Giftmate came out with some offer and now you can get this 25% discount offer. This offer is valid for GiftMate vouchers purchased on Diwali Offer between 20th October, 2008 to 30th October, 2008 and can be purchased only once by one unique mobile no.
But for the purchase you have only 2 denominations, i.e
Rs.200 for Rs.150 and
Rs.400 for Rs.300
Saving you a maximum of Rs.100 only...

Anyways to purchase a voucher go here and to read T&C click here..


BolMol is a new startup in Beta and invites you to join in..
This is just like zapak or Koffii which I had blogged about earlier and many had won prizes and also recently about jakasoffer where one of reader just got his Rs.100 recharge done and mailed me about it..
Just try this and get rewarded in cash or other prizes and guess what its daily..!
I have just registered yesterday and haven't won anything, but you try and may be you will win for sure, and also this is not a fake site i guess coz I saw this site on a google ad..
Anyways click here to register on Bolmol now!


Logo Mobee is a great service, which allows you to get your email as an sms to your cellphone, and keeps you updated always!
This is in beta stage and a premium service but its free for sometime now, so try it now and get your mails fwd to your Mobile..!
What more..? Use it as your unique mail i.d instead like which will send you the mail from sender and all for free..!
Do you want to try this, get an invite from me, just leave your mail i.d at comment or mail me your i.d at


Indiatimes is running a promotional campaign where in if you are lucky enough you can win prizes!
This is not a direct offer but depends on your luck..
Offer is valid from 15 to 28th October..
Not much to write about it, Please have a look at offer page here and T&C here..


Hey Readers, unlike general this is not a offer or a discount!
This is about job searching, many of you might have uploaded your resume to all those websites and may or may not have received any placement..
But I have few companies who are looking for direct placements and I have listed them on a new blog and will be updating often when I get more such companies profiles..

As for now check my new blog and try your luck at the jobs and more importantly at educational section which I have just written about in my first post..
Please have a look at and comment should i continue to give you Gyaan on such things in future or just carry on with fun2ssh..

PLEASE COMMENT and encourage me...! :)


IndiaPlaza is running a campaign Online Shopping Festival wherein you can be assured of getting a assured gift through a scratch card on purchase worth Rs.5000 or more till 31st December and your eligible for the lucky coupon..
The gift prize include any of the fallowing:
1) Rs.5000 cash
2) Fuel Gift Voucher worth Rs.5000/-

3) Jewelery Gift Voucher worth Rs.5000/-

4) Holiday Voucher for 2. (Click here for list of Destinations)

Anyways we all know what we'll get as prize unless your really lucky, if not for sure end up getting Holiday voucher, I guess I'll change the post name - "Shop for Rs.5000 and get an assured Holiday Voucher" - Hey that was a pun and who knows what IndiaPlaza has in store for you! :)
For more details click here and more importantly for terms and conditions click here...
Are you on Technorati please Favorite me there and increase popularity of fun2ssh! Are you subscribed to sms updates of fun2sshBlog,if not do it now, Click here.. (Be the first to know !) a web18 venture which deals with portfolio management and related stuff has started a contest wherein if your guess for closing figure of Sensex is right, you may win upto Rs.64000 or even if your 1 digit matches get Rs.1000!
The Prize are distributed in this manner:
Guess the day's exact Sensex closing figure right down to the decimal to win the jackpot amount of Rs 64,000!Even if your guess is not correct, you can still win prize money. You win:
Rs. 1000* if the last digit is correct
Rs. 2000* if the last 2 digits are correct
Rs. 4000* if the last 3 digits are correct
Rs. 8000* if the last 4 digits are correct
Rs. 16000* if the last 5 digits are correct
Rs. 32000* if the last 6 digits are correct

Important: There is a negative part to it, that is you cannot redeem up till you have Rs.10000 in your kitty! More info is here, Click on..!

Anyways if you are good at guessing and if your luck is good you may win,and if you win don't forgot to get me Coffee by donating something through Paypal (Click on Donate button at top-right hand side)

Are you on Technorati please Favorite me there and increase popularity of fun2ssh! Are you subscribed to sms updates of fun2sshBlog,if not do it now, Click here.. (Be the first to know !)


Colgate World of Care with its network of dentist is running a free dental checkup all over India and your nearest Dentist may be one of the one in the list,
Though this is not new thing as its already aired on T.V and Radio,all knows about it but no one have tried it,Well let me give a list of the Dentist who are providing free dental check-ups..
Colgate is a leading brand is always upto giving something free, it had earlier issued free sample of colgate toothpastes and doing now too, if you dint get one then get one now by filling this form here..
Anyways about the nearest Dentist, just and you will get list of Dentist near you who are doing a free-check up. More info is here...


Its Diwali and time to spread love and gifts to all your near and dear ones, and whats better than flowers and sweets!
Ferns and Petals is the best in this category which has a lot of partner networks and that means you save a lot or get freebies or points on the run!
FnP has lot of offers like:
1) If you have ICICI Bank Cards (Debit or Credit) get a 20% discount, more here..
2) If you have American Express card get 22% discount, more here..
3) If you have a imint card, get whopping 30 points for every 100 spent!

4) If you have a Kotak Bank Card, get 15% discount,
more here..
5) Also on Times card , AxisBank, Amex, HSBC, Barclays and more, Click here...
This is just in case if you are buying from somewhere else, just have a look at these offers, you may end up saying something!


Naaptol and Homeshop18 have come up together to give away Rs.500 Voucher which can be redeemed on Homeshop18 for a minimum purchase of Rs.2500, that way giving you a discount of Rs.500 flat, and for just registering at Naaptol!
This offer is only till: Nov 23rd, 2008
This is your chance after lot of days to get an free GV, go on lookinto the shop you may need something, click here to know more..

What is Naaptol?
naaptol is a leading comparison based shopping portal. What makes this unique is the facility of comparing features of several products side by side for an easy and quick shopping decision.

Are you getting sms updates for the post?
If not click here to join!


SifyMall is giving away a gold coin for all your purchase at their special Diwali Mall for as low as Rs.250 as a minimum purchase criteria,they have a lot of stuffs at this special Diwali mall and you can catch any of that to get the coin!

Important: There are no terms and conditions page so I guess you be more cautious and refer their customer care before making any purchases and also their is no time limit!

It says only that purchase and get Gold coin! Get to the Diwali Mall here..

Hey Readers, it fells really great to tell you that this is my on fun2ssh,thanks for your support..! Keep hooked on here and I'll bring more offers to your Notice! :)

UPDATE : PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT THESE T&C, thanks to Anirudh who found them!


Inkfruit an online T-shirt portal for kewl guys and gals around..
This site has a lot of user customized and user uploaded t-shit which can be brought..
Just have a look and you might like those designs, its really coool!!
Anyways just not that, here I am sharing a unique code which will get you 30% discount on any of your purchase, how good is that..! :)
Well the truth is the discount is really needed as the prices are a bit too high, anyways have a look at these tees and if you like buy them... Click here to see them!
TO GET 30% Discount, use CODE "INK75"
Most Important this offer is only upto 5th October so act fast!
Do share your views did you like these and did you buy one?
And ya don't forget to get a tee to me too..! :P