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If you remember I had earlier posted on getting Free printing from different site and had also mentioned about zoomin!
Well yet again if you have not purchased before you can get 20 more (15 free if you sign-up) prints and a bigger size..
This is under a special promotion valid only upto 31 March......
How to go about:
All you need to do is get your free account here.. (On creation get 15 prints free)
If your already a member you know what to do..
> Add photos to your account.. (i.e 15 4*6 prints and 20 5*7 prints)
> Now while making payment apply voucher code ZOOMIN5x7 (that is x and not * )
And now you will have to pay only Rs.25+tax for getting 35 prints and in a days time!!
I suggest to make the best use of it coz I liked there service very much..
Create your account here......

A few more offers
> On 27th March, 2008 – Get 30% off on ZoomIn Photo Mugs.
Use promo code MARCHMUG during checkout.
Offer valid until 11.59PM on 27 March, 2008.
> On 28th March, 2008 - Get 40% off ZoomIn Photo Calendars.
Use promo code MARCHCALENDAR during checkout.
Offer valid until 11.59PM on 28 March, 2008.
> On 29th March, 2008 - Get 50% off ZoomIn Greeting Cards.
Use promo code MARCHCARD during checkout.
Offer valid until 11.59PM on 29 March, 2008
>On 30th and 31st March, 2008 - Get a FREE 8x10 print.
Use promo code MARCHPRINT during checkout.
Offer valid until 11.59PM on 31 March, 2008


You can get Rs.100+ Voucher from Giftmate and you'll have to do is watch cricket match and answer correctly!
On giving the first right answer to any of these SMS contest, you will be eligible to receive a GiftMate voucher worth Rs.100..
On every subsequent right answer, your GiftMate voucher will be topped up by Rs. 10.
For eg, on smsing the third right answer, you total GiftMate balance will become Rs. 120.
This offer is brought to you by Neo Sports and Giftmate..
This offer is valid only for sms’s sent on Neo sports India-South Africa test series sms promotion.
Well if you are Free to watch the match,try smsing and getting the answer right to get Rs.100 Voucher..
I haven't tried and I 'm not sure of this, so try at your own risk.. :p
Terms and Condition of this offer are here.....
Also I request you to comment here and help others if you have received the Voucher(any of the mentioned Vouchers and also the Tips to get it..)

Also comment as to have you checked the Songzz option above and do you like me to add more songs to it?


This time I am here with few of the sites which I know from where you can send free sms or get free sms reminders for any future event,Well there are a lot of it..,But to start with here is: : From here you can send two-four sms daily without registering and upto 160 characters!

Way2SMS: Here you need to register before sending.but you can send unlimited sms to anyone, the sender will receive your number and a small ad at bottom..

160by2 : This is same as way2sms, but more preferable by me coz, its really simple and shockingly fast! As the name says in 160 characters 80 will be our sms and 80 will be the ad part!
Here you can also set your time to send sms at future time or any reminder...

Postitsms : It is one more where you can set reminder for any future dates..
This is awesome,tried by me, as it sends the alert exactly at the time set! : Send unlimited free sms with your desired name in the sender field!!
This is one of the most used by me,I also urge to try this once..This is my favorite!!


Pen Drives at really low rates..!

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This is not an offer...
But worth mentioning...
If you were planning to get yourself PenDrives, get it from FutureBazaar as they are giving away a whole lot at Rs.249 (Bad part is you have to pay Rs.30 more for shipping charges)
If not for shipping charges we could have got it for free,if we could get the below mentioned Rs.250 voucher...
Anywayz if you planning to get one try it from here...
(Though you may get it for less at your retail stores,check before purchasing :p)

Anywayz the page is here...


You can get yourself Rs.250 Voucher like before, all you need to do is send an sms!!
This time I haven't tried myself, but you try it and suggest me how to go about!!
Well this is a promotional campaign of " Kisko Milega Cash on StarOne ", but I'm not able to watch the show which is aired at 10:00 P.M and 12:00 A.M everyday..
Here only first 3000 person smsing will get the voucher every day.. A bit of details is here...
Please watch the program if possible and comment here so everyone can make use of it..
Also a similar campaign is going on with " Star Voice Of India - Chote Ustaad " but I am not in position to view both of these programs :(
So anyone of you please check these out and explain the procedure here by your comments..

For Cash Contest send an sms at around 10.35 P.M : "CASH " to 57827
I did receive a voucher within 10 hrs, amazing!! try for yourself!!


One SMS may get you Rs.10000

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Just one sms may get you Rs.10000 - Test your Luck!

While Browsing I noticed this...
This is something like an online Lottery..
If your Luck is really Good and it is with you, You may get Rs.10000 by just spending Rs.2!!
All you have to do is send an sms and you may stand to win Rs.10000..
Just try out your luck once,by going to offer page here...
Also reply here if you actually win...!


This is not a new offer,but a really old one yet mentionable..
This is for those who are really addicted to C.Ds like encyclopedia or other info books...
I guess this offer is really Good, if you are buying Educational C.Ds for you Children..
In this offer you will have to just pay the postage and handling charges of Rs.199 and you will get:
1) Two bestseller C.Ds (You chose from a list)
2) Adidas Bag worth Rs.499
3) One year membership of Books Buddy service at India Today worth Rs.299

This offer is really worth a try if you find C.Ds of your interest in their best-seller column..
For more on this offer go here..


Offers over Movie Tickets!

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No New free stuffs this time..
Just a few Filmy offers..

These days many of Movie Theaters are offering buy one get one free kinda offers,but all these are clubbed with any of the banks or Credit Card...

So check these offers may be you may have any of these Cr.Card or Bank account and you may get the benefit of it..
1) PVR Cinemas + Visa = 1 ticket free for purchase of 2 tickets
You may get to more on this and also read the terms here..

2) Paymate + HDFC + = 25% cash Back on purchase of 4 tickets..

For more on this offer click here..

3) - Buy 1 tickets of Race and you may get 1 ticket free..
More about the offer is here..
Read the Terms and Condition here...

4) + Barclays Card = Upto Rs.250 off on your tickets..
More info on this is available here..


New Look - Comment!

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How do you find Blogs new Look?

Though I am working on it...
It will look more livelier in coming days..
Please suggest something to be added..
Please comment here :) offers gifts worth Rs. 5,000 with the purchase of any mobile, either online or in-store.

Though I haven't personnaly tried it out..
But thought I could share this!!
Well I wonder if we can purchase mobiles of any value??
I will send them a mail regarding this and will update ASAP!
Till then why dont you yourself check this out??

More about this offer:
The assured gifts can be either of the one -
*Canon PowerShot Digital Camera A460,
*Cash-back of Rs. 5,000
*Philips Home-theater CSS1000
*A family holiday package in Nepal or Thailand for 2 adults(with extra processing fee).
After purchase you'll have to send your coupon codes and other details..
Request Form for Gift Cheque/Philips Home Theater/Canon Digital Camera should be sent within 30 days from the date of purchase. More info click here.

Offer page is here!
Terms and condition is here!


Hello Buddies!

This time no new Offer !

But this time I want your response to make this blog more better!!

Well I come across a lot of discount offers but don't blog here..
(Mainly like Air Ticket,Hotels,travel related etc..)
So this is requesting you all to tell me, Do you want to mention all those offers here which i come across?
Your comments will help me decide about blogging about that!

Also I am looking if any one can help in Blogging?
If any of you interested in blogging here.. I will be pleased to make you a Publisher!!

One more thing : have you heard of my sms group??
Well you receive a lot of sms updates for free!!
All you have to do is send an sms "JOIN FunoRama" to 567678 !!!

And ya not to forget please take part in new polls!

Anywayz respond here and I'll make this blog better!!
You can also mail me at : Abhishek [at]!


Hey Happy Holi - well in Advance!

Well this is not actually a offer but this did catch my eyes on it!
Here are some awesomely funny pictures for wearing at Holi!
And all this is brought to you by Myntra!
Generally Myntra doesn't give away tees at such a low rate but this time they are..
And its only at Rs.99, there is also no delivery charges on it...
Well enjoy Holi some funnier way!
More about the offer is here!

------------------- UPDATE : ---------------------

Update: Thanks to Viswanadh for suggesting updated offer for this!

1) If you buying those tee.. Do it from BigAdda where in cost is Rs.99 all inclusive...
Go to the offer page here!

2) Also while ordering apply coupon code as " ibibo14 " to get 14% discount!

That means you will get your funny tee for Rs.85 Flat!

For the offer page go here!

Thanx to Viswanadh again!

If you have any more of such info please mail me and let the rest of world know about it!

Mail me your offers to


Hey now you can get imint cards for free and guess how? Well by just by a simple sms!!
Airtel users get a free i-mint membership worth Rs 199 + sports alerts for a month (worth Rs.30), in 2 easy steps!!
Step 1 : SMS ‘ilink’ to 58558. you will receive your 16 digit i-mint card no.
Step 2: SMS MINT <16> to 121

Simple isn't it?!?

For offer page
Click here!
More about imint, here..


Giftmate is now again in pictures with yet another unique offer!!!!

In this offer you have to purchase a Giftmate voucher of denomination prescribed there and you will get Double the denomination amount!!
That is if you purchase a voucher for Rs.125 you'll get Rs.250!!

But the bad part is this can be done only once :(

So make sure you purchase the Best denomination which would help you get more..!

Also this voucher is valid for one year from date of purchase and can be used any number of times until the amount expires..
The voucher are available from Value of Rs.125 to Rs.1000!

Note that this offer is valid only upto 20th March only!

For more info click here!
To buy the Voucher
click here!


Get an imint Card for free!!!

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Get an imint Card for free!!!

If you remember I had
previously written a post about imint?

Also the benefits you can get thru it..!
But only problem then was it wasn't available for free! :(

But now Guess what you can get it for free!!!

This is brought to you by Buzzintown a new portal which list latest happenings in your town...
All you have to do is register and give your address and the claim to send you free imint card!

Well I cannot assure the genuineness of this as I haven't received a reply mail from them for the questions I asked them regarding how can we get a card!?
But registering wont take you much time and you can take chance and who knows you may get a card at your place a fine day..!!
Anywayz if I receive a reply I will be clarifying further any of your quires!

Tell then be the first to register here...
To register Go here..
More about imint here...
(A small request: Register from the same link above, You know the reason why, come-on you can do at least this in return for the blogs i write.. Thank You!!)