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Hey if you wanted to get yourself contact lenses but never did it coz of high price..
I guess this is the time to get one for yourself at Rs.300 only and with a money back policy!!!

By paying Rs.300 you get : Bausch & Lomb monthly disposable Contact Lenses + Lens Case + Renu Solution + Coupon for Lucky Draw +
Assured Gift (VLCC Coupon) of Rs.1500 and 30% off on Slimming & Beauty Packages as well as 15% off on Regular Salon Service + Money Back guarantee!

All you need to do is fill the form and they will call you (They did call me!!) and give you all the details of purchasing and store address etc.
So what are you waiting for.. Click here to enter you details..
But read the Term and Conditions here first!

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Future Bazaar and Giftmate are providing a voucher for half price like before...
But this time in a secret way..
This offer is not available on net but has been shared by one of our readers..
This time there are only two voucher for you, ie of Rs.250 and Rs.500.
NOTE: Offer is only between 25th June, 2008 to 30th June, 2008, so act fast..!

Important Terms :
+ The voucher purchased under this offer is valid till June 30th, 2008 and must be redeemed until then. No credit or validity extensions shall be given for unredeemed vouchers.
+ This offer is valid for the first 2500 customers.
+ Each customer is eligible for the offer only once during the promotion period hence eligible for only one voucher.
By all means this is a complicated situation, but one can avail some benefit out of it,use your sense while making a purchase or for clarity get to the customer care, as I am really confused with the terms stated in..
Anyways to know more on this offer and to purchase the voucher at half price go here..


Here is one gift for your Mom, just enter your details to get a free 1KG of Surf Excel Matic absolutely free, No strings attached..
Also don't forget to thank Aniruddh who shared this with me..

Important : The offer is open until August 30th, 2008 or till stocks last, whichever is earlier., so book one for yourself ASAP
Also please dont misuse this promotional offer and also give your correct details..
So get to the offer page here..

[Once again thanx Aniruddh for the offer]
Others please share your offer with others,help others and dont be mean if you have some offers..!


Hey I assure you of getting Rs.750 Giftmate voucher !!
All you need to do is spend 5 mins of your time on playing Zapak Games!!
Yes this is the Zapak Cash League which is n from many days and is going to end this month..
Now we have 8 days and you can win Rs.750 Giftmate voucher for sure..!

How it works :
Zapak give you 2 points for playing each game and Rs.100 voucher for 20 points,that is 10 games..
But I have found 5 such games which gives you 4 points and the games are really small which you can finish of in 5 mins!!
So register on to zapak and play these 5 games daily up to 30th June and get yourself Rs.750 Giftmate voucher (Because Zapak don't give a prize of more value than Rs.750 to a player)

Here below are the games, click on and play :)
1) Basket Ball
2) Avoid Resposibility
3) Pig Blast
4) Caravan Toss
5) Chomper

You can even play more and win more but remember you wont be given more than Rs.750 so this five games for the last few days and the voucher is yours!
Please do comment did these findings of more point giving games help you earn faster!


Hey here I am now after a long time not with a offer but with a cool service I found across recently!

Do you want to send your friends anywhere in the world a voice message or a song?
Ya this is nothing new coz this is available on all Networks but at premium rates, but what if it is completely free whole over world??
Well ya Limeall is that thing, here you can not only send free greetings but also free video greetings.
I guess you need to try it once :)

[Request: Nowadays I am not getting any offers online,if you have some share here please]


Here I am with a New update after a long while now..
Get yourself* Rs.250 off for your purchase at (Only One*)
I recently received a voucher for Rs.250 and will give any one of you if you
genuinely require it..

Conditions for that Rs.250 voucher:
1. This Gift Certificate can only be redeemed online at for a minimum purchase of Rs.1000/-
2. The Gift Certificate cannot be redeemed for cash.
3.This Gift Certificate will expire on the date mentioned on the certificate and will not be revalidated or refunded.
4.This Gift Certificate is non-combinable and can be used only against a single order.
5. You can pay the balance amount using any other available payment option at
6. This Gift certificate is non-transferable. In other words, Gift Certificate (s) issued to a person cannot be redeemed by somebody else.

So if you truly want it,you know what to do,just mail me :
[Remember this is only for one of you..!]