This is a list of freebies and other stuffs I shared through out this year. Many of you are new or many of you might have missed these offers/discounts/freebies which are still available. So just go through and you may get what you have missed!

It will take sometime, but Read everything and be assured that you dint miss anything!
I started this for my friends with giving details of those Giftmate vouchers and I never knew by when it became fun2ssh and now freeGyaan, started in Jan 02 2008 and am 150+ post old! - Thanks guys for your support! :)

Well firstly let me tell you thing which are completely free and can be received even now.

Free C.D/D.V.Ds of Games and Software :
1) Kreeda Dance Mela C.D : Free C.D of Dance Game which was also a show telecasted on t.v then..
2) Krazy Cart C.D : Again an online Game from Zapak.
3) IBM Symphony C.D : I dont think this is availaible now.
4) CTRacer Game C.D : Yet again an online game from Games2win.
5) Free Language C.D : Get all softwares in Indian language from Government of India.
6) Fire Training D.V.D : Learn the art of fire playing tricks.
7) How to Henna C.D : Learn how to Henna your Hairs.
8 & 9) BOSS and Ubuntu : Linux OS - free for all.

Then I also shared how we can:
- Get free subscription Tinkle magazine within 18 days and it was quite a hit and guess what I received my copy already.

- Sending one free Greeting card to anyone in India from Papam, not virtual greeting but a physical card. I got a damn good response for that too..

- Getting Rs.5000 Gift vouchers for purchase at Surat Diamonds, its still available if you have not already got it. Check this post now.

- Also blogged how you could get a free personal Mobile identity, even this is still available. Get yourself a mobile identity really fast, click here. (SMS "freeGyaan" to 56070 or "iAbhishek" to 56070 - These are my mobile identities!)

- Then there were few exclusive offers for residents of Mumbai and Hyderabad.
Mumbai people can get "Know Mumbai" a free Magazine every month, still available click here..
Hyderabad Airtel people can get Rs.100 talk time, click here to see the post.

- Also blogged about free samples which included pastes, detergent etc. Anyways Colgate sensitive is still available click here..

- I also shared ways to get free imint subscription, here is the list of post which tells, how can you get free imint subscription.

- Also, about IndiaGames an online gaming portal which wont be metered by your ISP, is giving free 1 month trial, still available, click here..

- Go Veg : Free stickers and information on what are the ill effects of being Non-veg, this was from PETA and is still available, click on..

- Giftmate voucher from Zapak worth Rs.50, still available click on.

- There was Ibibo offer which gave Hundreds of Rupees for chatting online with your friends, just like you do on Yahoo/gTalk. Available on till 15th April. Hurry and join if you have not already joined their SBA campaign. Click here...

- Also, these are best things. Join once and paid forever things..
1) mGinger : Most of us know this now, if you don't - its a ad site which sends sms ads to your mobile and you get paid for that. Join is simple and easy, join now.
2) Rupeemail : Again an ad network which sends e-mails and you are paid for that. Join once and get paid forever. If you are not already part of it. Join now.
3) Youmint : This is a combination of mGinger and Rupeemail, its sends ads on mobile and mail too, join this now if you are not already joined, Click here..

Well, not only these. I had many contest and also had shared many freebies and rewarded loyal visitors. Well the list continues, but I will stop now, you can always search or use Tag cloud to find other post. Also dont forget to be part of freeGyaan orkut community, click here..

Please do, comment was this post helpful as it took 2 hrs to write and search back all these post.
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