India and Cricket should have been synonyms considering the craze and fan fallowing in the nation. And IPL is just new craze with a lot of glamour involved and lot of money too.

So, here I am with a host of contest running across for this season of IPL where you can win lots of freebies..

Orbit the official chewing gum of IPL is up with a contest, where the a player who answers to a maximum question will win freebies. For more info, click here..

Express Cricket is up with contest where you need to predict the no. of sixes and others things and score points, prize worth 1 lac are to be given. For more info, click here..

Kingfisher, is up with a contest too, where it is giving freebies for just answering a quiz or for submitting snaps, for more info click here..

Titan is with a contest where you have to just tell who is the all rounder in each days match and you can win a chance to meet Aamir Khan. More info, click here..

McDowells, is also with contest, where it is also giving similar freebies, click here..

Then there is contest from SportsPundit called Fantasy IPL. Also, zapak is up with Premier League Fantasy game where you need to chose teams and play for yourself to win.

There are many more, but I found only these. Do comment if you have idea of any such contest running.


I just blogged about this as I am not getting many offers / freebies nowadays. Please share you freebies with me and inturn help others too.

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