Its almost a week when I last blogged, to compensate I am here got new thing which will get you $0.5 and a free t-shirt to just sign up GETPAIDTO, a kind of affiliate site. Well only few offers are available to Indians, but then you can always get that $0.5 and a free t-shirt as there is no minimum payout, whatever you earn is yours. (Payments are routed thru paypal)

So, what you need to do to get these stuff?

Nothing, just create an account at and you get a sign-up bonus of $0.5. Now request for redemption of money and you will get it within 24hrs (I got it within 24hrs). Next step is claiming that free tee-shirt, Every user of GETPAIDTO is eligible of getting a free tee and thus, claim your free tshirt from this link (when you are logged into your account) - I sent them a mail and they said, they deliver internationally and most probably we get t-shirt within 15 days.

So, what are thinking of, just sign up and get these freebies, to sign up click here..

Request: Once you get that $0.5 and you don't know what to do, and you don't need it. Please if possible transfer it to me as it will take care of my domain charges which I have to shell out for keeping freeGyaan and fun2ssh live. Donate generously!

Announcement : I am not getting much freebies nowadays, please guys and gals its up to you to help me finding new freebies. PLEASE SHARE YOUR FREEBIES at our orkut community or just mail me and I will share it on freeGyaan (Gyaan phelane se he Badtahe! )

Mail me at Abhishek [at]

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