Giftmate with Coruscant tec is giving Rs.10 worth Giftmate voucher for purchasing Wallpaper or Animation or Tones on their WAP store. But this Rs.10 can also be used to to-up your Prepaid account just like I did.
What you need to do:
1) Just enter your mobile no. here and get instant Rs.10 voucher.
2) Purchase anything from this wap store or if you are a Prepaid customer, go to and select option Mobile recharge and top-up your mobile (I did this)
3) Get a call back from giftmate, give your PIN and enjoy.
Total Time = 2 Mins, Total cost = Rs.0.001 of electricity in form of Battery of mobile used for talking, Total Benifiet = Rs.10. Ha ha, that was suppose to be a joke! :P
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