This is just a NEWS update, but as it has a 'free tag', let me share it with those who din't notice this in NEWS Papers.

ATM transaction are now free, that is you can use your bank card to withdraw money from any Bank ATMs including Nationalized or Privatized - In short go to any ATM machine and transact for free!

There were charges for cash withdrawal or even to check the Balances which were as high as Rs.20 and above,but RBI has announced that from April 1st there wont be any charges and this is no fooling by the regulatory Body.Here is a snap of what RBI has proposed in its draft.

Check the RBI's draft proposing this scheme here and also to locate any ATM in and around your area, keep these two tool in handy which has the data base of almost all ATMs in world, VISA ATM Network and Mastercard ATM network. Do let me know did this NEWS update help you too..

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