Hey as there are no new offers these days, guess what I have store for you..!?!
Well a 2G.B Pendrive and Mobile topups to give away which I won on Koffi and JakasOffers!
That is the reason I tell you to join any site which I recommend, it will take only few seconds to register and if you lucky you win prizes, So if you have not joined the Must Join sites (See down at bottom of the page), do it now..! ( Eg: Paisa4sms , mGinger , JakasOffers , BolMol , YouMint , Rupeemail , ibibo , Planet-Pulse , etc...)

Anyways now getting back to Gifts and who can win it..
1) 2 GB PenDrive, which I won from Koffi, will be given to one who is the luckiest person, no contest - No work - just Luck, if you are lucky, you will get a 2GB Pendrive..
Doesn't that sound good, well all you have to do is Subscribe to this Blog through Email (If you have already, no need of doing it again) and then also commenting you name and email id here which will increase your chances of winning. I will collect all the email i.d and put it in a random box software and let it pick one email i.d and that email i.d will get the pendrive!
So what you need to do is subsrcibe and also comment your name-age-Place-email i.d,which will increase your chance as I will add your mail i.d twice..

2) Mobile Topup: This is a smaller value gift, but you will have to work for it, you will have to promote my Blog and get yourself the voucher which I won from JakasOffers..
*Tips for promoting:
- You can post something about my Blog if you have a Blog
- You can add a link on your Blog or this image or this image as a link back!
- Or use an unique way and win for sure..!

The above gifts may look weird,as you will have to do nothing and just be lucky to get a higher value gift and have to work for getting Topup, but thats the trick, a reverse Giftting! :P

You have a time Limit of upto this Sunday the 23rd Nov, when I will get the results..

P.S: Don't think this is fake and I will not reward you, you can browse through the blog and will find that I have actually rewarded earlier too.. Link are here , here , and here..

Also check this New Logo and comment how is it:http://fun2ssh.co.cc.googlepages.com/fun2sshnew.JPG