Rs.100 Voucher for purchase at FutureBazaar for any one of you!
Hey I received a voucher for Rs.100 and I will share this with you, if you can impress me with the reason of why I should give it to you,I mean tell me what you have done to popularize this Blog and the answer I like the most will get a Rs.100 voucher for purchase at FutureBazaar.
Sorry but I have no other option to give this voucher and by at least doing this I can get to know the popularity of this Blog,also if you had earlier mailed me some offers or anything else I'll consider them too..
Now all you need to do is,just write what you have done for this Blog in comment box here and get yourself Rs.100 gift voucher,do it fast and this contest is only valid up to 20th April and then the Best entry will win!
P.S:As of now I have only one voucher and expecting another voucher by this week,if I get it the 2nd Best entry will also win same thing!