kwality Walls
Hey this is a quite unusual topic I am blogging about, but if you have a hidden Singer in you here's a chance for you to take the singer out and Win great prizes too..!
and Kwality Walls have come together and having a contest, where in you sing a song and if you win, get prizes!
How to sing and win:
* Go to your account (Click here and register if you dont have a account)
* Register your mobile no.
* Chose a song, and click the call button..
* Get a IVRS call from ibibo, sing and it gets automatically uploaded..
* Now people hear and vote, if you are best you win, Laptops, iPods and more..!
So what are you waiting for? Go to your account now, or get yourself an account here (hardly takes 30 sec) and win Big!
* Sing your Dil now here..

Also please hear me, and if you like vote me for this song, Click here..
(If you dont like,then too Please Please Please please vote +vely for me..!)