Hello Indians, well this is quite unusual way of addressing but the topic is somehow related to we Indians (including me for the matter...)
Anyways about the topic, get yourself free Operating Software, which do run like your Windows and sometimes better than that, and guess what these Linux software are always free and Legal to Copy, Distribute and even change the Software itself..
I have two such software for you, so most of us who are using pirated Windows XP, stop it and use Ubuntu or BOSS (An Indian Version of OS, made by Indians for Indians!)
So are you thinking of changing a bit (Like I did?)
Get yourself these DVDs/CDs/Download legally for free..
For Ubuntu, Click here..
For BOSS, Download from here, or collect for free from here (if cant personally collect,they will send you for free, just write to them)

Not only are these softwares free, now even get Windows based application for free..
Just walk into your nearest NIIT or Aptech or more in this List with your School or College i.d Card and get your self Legal Copies of Softwares from MircroSoft, more info is here..

[So are you getting one for yourself now? Also wait for 2 more days, I have my last Exam and am coming back with some free goddies for you, like PenDrive and Recharge Vouchers. all you have to is hook on to fun2ssh and if possible recomend it through Technorati or word of mouth!]