Hey flocks, here I am with the results for the on-going contest...
As mentioned here and here, I am giving a pendrive , a top-up for mobile and Rs.250 Indiatimes Giftvouchers..

2GB PenDrive : I have now 210 email subscribers and adding your comments, and have randomly chosen a winner, and winner is Amit from Bangalore. (Congrats Amit, I'll mail you for your details)

Mobile Top-up : Considering only one person has publicized about the blog, I will give the top-up to Abhi of GeekQuery forum.. (Congrats Abhi, I'll mail you for your phone no.)

Indiatimes GV : These GV can be used only if you purchase for min. of Rs.750 and discounting you Rs.250, will be Rs.500 and the winner is Varun Garg of TechnoMasti (I'll contact you too!)

This was a fair game and everyone had an equal chance, some made use of it some dint..

Anyways I'll get back with more such stuff quite offen, till then hook onto fun2ssh..

Also at this event I'll like to anounce that I am shifting to a new domain name at the earliest, so please if you have a suggestion for a good domain, please do reply and if I chose your domain name, you will get a Rs.250 GV from Indiatimes, so use your brain and come out with a unique name for the blog! :)

If you want to contact me, mail me : Abhishek [at] fun2ssh.co.cc