YoPadipps : Just came across this site which is still in a embryo stage and is developing but just wanted to let you know guys about this site so you can help get it better + get a free RedBull drink! ;)

A lil’ about YoPaddips : This is basically, a site for Tamil Nadu. But surely hopefully will extend to whole of India in near future. So, you get all your educational institutes related queries resolved here focusing in Tamil Nadu.

Wonder then why am I telling people from other states to be part of it, well because I just browse through whole of site and found, though the Institutes discussed there are only from T.N but they are a forum and there are Educational Counseling and Job counseling which can be helpful for even us around India. Then they have various course, so you can chose from the best of course (few of them unheard, but has high degree of Income in future!) – In all its a Education + Future Career oriented Forum though still has not much users, but surely will develop as their press release says they are going to build it as a social Networking site with all the Chat, Games, Reviews and all Current affairs related stuff. Also, as a added benefit – You get a free RedBull Drink for signing up. Isn’t that really cool. Go to www.yopadipps.com

P.S : Now that I have introduced this portal to you, do not signup just for free drink but for the true spirit of the website! :)

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