No More Queue – A new website offering tickets for Movies in Theaters near you and also Online Bus tickets. It is developing and are getting connected to more theaters and more routes of Buses..

Movies : Jump the queue, select the city or theater and book tickets online. Pay the normal ticket price + a small Convenience charge. You can make the payment through Credit card or most of the Online Bank account. This service is available in Bangalore , Delhi , Hyderabad , Pune , Ghaziabad and Kolkata and even covers the small Theaters and just not the multiplex. The best part in booking ticket online is you can chose your seat which is not in case of physical booking. And guess what I have got you a discount coupon for all your purchase of Movie Tickets which is worth 10% and is valid upto Jan 8th 2010. Just use code : LWG763777

Bus Tickets : This service is new and in development stage. They have not covered many cities but only few. But the good part is every time you book tickets on this site you get Mobile Recharge or Mobile itself as they are currently running a ” Bus se jao Mobile Pao ” campaign, where you can get recharge of Rs.100 or Rs.200 on purchase and a Mobile phone on every 10th transaction. Isn’t is cool. Just check them out now.

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