folks, remember I blogged about Sheepstop long back when they were up with a social cause and even were giving a discount coupon (click here). Now I was able to get a exclusive discount voucher for freeGyaan, one more reason to be happy! :)

A bit about Sheepstop : This is yet again a tee store among all other such tee stores. Stop! Something makes it different to be blogged about, well I just browsed through all the sections and found some awesome tees which are designed by the people for the people. The designs were just irresistible. Whats more, you can win every week if you are a designer and get fame among the fellow users.

Few more innovative ideas at Sheepstop : Firstly, the name itself is innovative, funny isn’t it! Anyways, they keep looking for ways to give you guys discount voucher and one such way is Casino, no not the bad one. Here you have to bet on designs and no you do not have to shell out for betting, but if the design you betted on wins – You get discount and points. Isn’t that cool. Also, they do not have any shipping charges. You pay what you see! :)

They even have Points system, that is give you points for referring folks and these points get deducted in you bill. Said a lot, can’t stop to have a look yourself – Go to sheepstop

Wait!! I missed the main part. If some tees excite you do not forget to use exclusive coupon code which will give you a good discount of Rs.75 on your purchase. Just use the coupon code “freeGyaan” valid till March 10,2009 – Felling happy to be part of freeGyaan! :)

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