The great Indian Colgate give away is here again! In this time you can get 2 types of free sample!

One : Colgate Maxfresh, Thanks to Ankil who gave this idea long back but I did not blog until I got a call from them, also I saw hoardings at my place so I am double confirmed about this now. To get a Maxfresh all you have to do is send and sms and you will get a call within 7 days and they will ask for your address. I got a call and waiting for the sample. To get a free sample yourself just sms “MAXFRESH” and send it to 57007.

Second : Colgate Sensitive, get a free sample by just filling the form. I got 2 samples yesterday and it was a mistake on their part as both the consignment had same reference no. LOL! Anyways to get a your free sample just fill the form available on their website here… SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates