Here I am with a post on various freebies around the world. Though not sure which all we will get it but, we will get few of them for sure. Shared by the users of freeGyaan and few others found by me online! :)

2010 Pocket planner : Get a 2010 Health Pocket planner from NIAMS of USA. Its a medical institute and giving free Planners, Click here..

Free Pen Drive : I have a doubt on this but, its a trick shared by Bilal. All you have to do is request about information on course on a subject on Daniels College website and they will send the info on a Pen Drive. A bad idea to waste someone’s resources but you can try it here..

Wrist Band : COLA 20th Campaign, this is some Laboratory site but giving free wrist bands with company Slogan on it. Well, this has been received by one of the user. You can try this here..

Free Pen : To get a free HSBC Insurance Pen worldwide, just fill this form. I wonder will they send the few bucks PEN with a more valued Stamp. But you can try it here..

Free Stickers : Ocean/Earth a big brand in the US is giving away their stickers. You can request for yours here…

Artificial Grass : Yes, artificial Grass. Wonder what they will send but check this page to know more. Click here..

I am not sure what all we will get among this. But we can try! :P SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates