Get a flat Rs.250 off on your minimum purchase of worth Rs.750 on Indiaplaza.
Every time I used to ask you to leave your names and email down, and I would send the voucher. I think sharing it here is best, as whoever wants it and who ever gets it first can get the discount.
Try with different codes, if they are not redeemed by others, you may get the discount!
I got these discount coupons from tripadvisor (You can get them to - check out how!?)

These 3 vouchers have Expiration Date: March 25, 2009 :

* TRI82500433501119 *
* TRI82400096501119 *
* TRI82400091501119 *

These voucher have Expiration Date: April 2, 2009 :

* TRI83400069501119 *
* TRI83400064501119 *
* TRI83400037501119 *
* TRI83500123501119 *
* TRI83400032501119 *
* TRI83400005501119 *

Use these vouchers, wisely and Please comment back whoever use these vouchers. So others can use the remaining vouchers for their purchase! :)