Hey guys this time I don't have a physical freebies, but virtual and most effective freebie..
Though this thing is known by most of us, but there are few people who still relay on Pirated software for there Comp protection...
I urge you to stop it and go for FREE yet MOST Effective Anti virus Software available..
Right now I have 2 things on list, though there are many more available, but these are best two!

One, is AVAST, my personal favorite and my long favorite Anti Virus software, which is protecting my P.C from long time and is damn effective and its completely free. Avast is giving its Home Version for free from past many years, install it and experience the level of protection it gives to your system. All you have to do is download the software and get a license key which is free and valid for one year.. (Don't worry its free even after one year, just need to re-register!)

AVAST | AVAST Anti-virus Download | Get license Key

Two, is McAfee and its a premium brand and damn effective Anti-Virus which I haven't tried but have heard of being a good one from many of my buddies. This software is generally sold for $ 39.99 , but thank Mridul who is sharing a voucher code, where in you can download it for free!!
This is a one year subscription and maybe we will find another voucher code by next year...
All you need here to do is, enter the voucher code and download the one year licenced software, install it and finally thank Mridul for the help! :)
McAfee | McAfee Software Purchase | Freebie Voucher: VSPPROMOCF

Update : McAfee has some error, please go with Avast

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