I don't know, is this offers / discount worth mentioning, as we wont be saving much out of this. Anyways here are two offers, if you think its good - Go for it!

Remember OLAY which was giving free samples*, now if you are willing to purchase it - Get a discount of Rs.100 flat. You will have to purchase it from Indiaplaza's store which will also give a free shipping. More info is here..
* In case you missed out the samples given by OLAY, its not late, you can still order the same, check out my previous post on OLAY free sample here..

Offer 2: Get a set of Reebok stuffs, at a discounted price from Indiatoday (I dunno whether the price is discounted or is it inflated and then reduced!)
Anyways you get:
A Reebok Tracksuit worth Rs.3999 + Reebok shoes worth Rs.2999 + Reebok Bag worth Rs.999 + Reebok towel worth Rs.199 = Total value of Rs. 8196. BUT YOU PAY ONLY Rs.2889.If interested go here..