Tinkle is an Indian monthly comic Indian magazine,published in several Indian Languages.It has been my favorite comic, and guess it may be liked by most of you too!

So, how did I win a Year subscription for free in just 18 days?
Well if you are a regular reader of the book, you may know that they have started a portal which has lots of games and other activities, and if earn points we can redeem them for a lot of freebies which includes the 1 year subscription too. It all took 5 mins daily for 18 days to get the desired points and thus I got my year full subscription.

So, all you need to do is register and play games and make points, there is a cap of max 1500 points a day, so in 18 days you have 25000 points or Gold coins which will get you the desired subscription, or you can also chose for books which comes for just 5000 - 10000 points, that is a book in five days! So what are waiting for,REGISTER AT TINKLE ONLINE NOW!

Cheat code: Play the Shikari Shambu Jungle Trail game, as it takes less time to earn more..! :P

Please do share if you have any such subscription offer with you..