Hey Happy Holi - well in Advance!

Well this is not actually a offer but this did catch my eyes on it!
Here are some awesomely funny pictures for wearing at Holi!
And all this is brought to you by Myntra!
Generally Myntra doesn't give away tees at such a low rate but this time they are..
And its only at Rs.99, there is also no delivery charges on it...
Well enjoy Holi some funnier way!
More about the offer is here!

------------------- UPDATE : ---------------------

Update: Thanks to Viswanadh for suggesting updated offer for this!

1) If you buying those tee.. Do it from BigAdda where in cost is Rs.99 all inclusive...
Go to the offer page here!

2) Also while ordering apply coupon code as " ibibo14 " to get 14% discount!

That means you will get your funny tee for Rs.85 Flat!

For the offer page go here!

Thanx to Viswanadh again!

If you have any more of such info please mail me and let the rest of world know about it!

Mail me your offers to Abhishek@Fun2ssh.co.cc