You can get Rs.100+ Voucher from Giftmate and you'll have to do is watch cricket match and answer correctly!
On giving the first right answer to any of these SMS contest, you will be eligible to receive a GiftMate voucher worth Rs.100..
On every subsequent right answer, your GiftMate voucher will be topped up by Rs. 10.
For eg, on smsing the third right answer, you total GiftMate balance will become Rs. 120.
This offer is brought to you by Neo Sports and Giftmate..
This offer is valid only for sms’s sent on Neo sports India-South Africa test series sms promotion.
Well if you are Free to watch the match,try smsing and getting the answer right to get Rs.100 Voucher..
I haven't tried and I 'm not sure of this, so try at your own risk.. :p
Terms and Condition of this offer are here.....
Also I request you to comment here and help others if you have received the Voucher(any of the mentioned Vouchers and also the Tips to get it..)

Also comment as to have you checked the Songzz option above and do you like me to add more songs to it?