Get an imint Card for free!!!

If you remember I had
previously written a post about imint?

Also the benefits you can get thru it..!
But only problem then was it wasn't available for free! :(

But now Guess what you can get it for free!!!

This is brought to you by Buzzintown a new portal which list latest happenings in your town...
All you have to do is register and give your address and the claim to send you free imint card!

Well I cannot assure the genuineness of this as I haven't received a reply mail from them for the questions I asked them regarding how can we get a card!?
But registering wont take you much time and you can take chance and who knows you may get a card at your place a fine day..!!
Anywayz if I receive a reply I will be clarifying further any of your quires!

Tell then be the first to register here...
To register Go here..
More about imint here...
(A small request: Register from the same link above, You know the reason why, come-on you can do at least this in return for the blogs i write.. Thank You!!)