You can get yourself Rs.250 Voucher like before, all you need to do is send an sms!!
This time I haven't tried myself, but you try it and suggest me how to go about!!
Well this is a promotional campaign of " Kisko Milega Cash on StarOne ", but I'm not able to watch the show which is aired at 10:00 P.M and 12:00 A.M everyday..
Here only first 3000 person smsing will get the voucher every day.. A bit of details is here...
Please watch the program if possible and comment here so everyone can make use of it..
Also a similar campaign is going on with " Star Voice Of India - Chote Ustaad " but I am not in position to view both of these programs :(
So anyone of you please check these out and explain the procedure here by your comments..

For Cash Contest send an sms at around 10.35 P.M : "CASH " to 57827
I did receive a voucher within 10 hrs, amazing!! try for yourself!!