Tradus.inTradus, is just like desi version of ebay on a smaller scale as of now - A site from ibibo group. They have come up with a amazing offer. Just try out their stores and buying anything and get a discount of Rs.250!

How to go about :

1) First register your mobile and get a discount code. Click here..

2) Browse through their store and chose anything worth Rs.255 or more.

3) Use the code and get Rs.250 off, and hence pay only Rs.5 or more whatever applicable.

So, basically you have to chose something which is Rs.255 and above thus paying just a minimum of Rs.5 for the transaction. Tradus is doing similar thing which ebay did, but here we all have a chance of getting that voucher. Go ahead make the best use of it! :)

Make the best use of it right now, as we never know when will they remove this offer. There is no validity nor anytime frame for this offer. Just use the offer right now!

[Request : If you are making any purchase at tradus, please go thru the above banner ad. So that I will get some commission. It is just in case you want to help me! :) ]

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