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Hello freeGyaanis! :)

Its 2 years since I started blogging, I started with fun2ssh and later shifted to freeGyaan. This is just awesome. I started this sharing stuff just as a hobby and dunno when it turned into passion. And this week is the first time I felt its worth blogging, seeing the comments flowing in for past few posts – Thanks guys! :)

free + Gyaan – Simple term which changed many things for a lot of people. It has surely got a lot of freebies to you + lot of you have won the contest which I shared here – I am not Exaggerating but then it is a fact. [Contest winners, am I lying?]

Now how and what can you win :

I am planning you give away 10 tshirt as gifts to freeGyaanis on this occasion. Well, first I thought to give different stuffs but then one thing to everyone would be best. So I chose tshirts, coz we all love tees – Don’t we! :)

So how do you win them : This is simple and the same type of blog contest you will find everywhere in the blogoshpere! :P

* 1) Subscribe to email alerts - Click here..

2) Subscribe to RSS and Mobile alerts (Not compulsory but, worth doing!)

3) Promote Blog in some way :

Retweet about this contest on twitter : Check out #Contest on @freeGyaan, Win #free #tees. This one is easy, check www.freeGyaan.com/go/ContestT

Or Write a blog post on this contest and leave post url in comments box below.

Or you can surely participate by telling your friends about this contest by Updating your status on orkut or facebook or other network sites.

Or last but not least. Promote freeGyaan in any other unique way, there is no restriction whatsoever (No bad content!) on any site forums, Digg, Stumble etc.

* 4) After doing all or any of the above, just fill contest form with all the details : freegyaan.com/go/giveawayform [Entering your details in this is important!]

*Must complete step no. 1 and 4 to take part in Give away!


How will I chose the winner : I will not lie like few of the other bloggers who say the contest will be open and clear, I will surely chose the winners randomly but also I will chose few who will work in best interest of freeGyaan. I mean who ever promote freeGyaan will have a high chance of winning. That doesn’t mean others will not win, others it will depend on your luck – just complete the steps and fill the form. I will award each of your work with one point and the more points you have the more are your chances to win. Basically One points or One entry will be given to : Subscription – Retweet – Status Updates – Digg – Stumbling etc. And 2 points or entries to one who blogs about this contest!


Contest Period : Contest Period is from 8th Feb to 14th Feb. The results will be declared within a weeks time from 14th Feb and then the winners will be contacted individually by me and further instruction will carry on!


Sponsors : I am also looking for sponsors for this event. If freeGyaan has got you something for free or you have got something, and like freeGyaan – its time to show your love. Most of us have got free Paypal $ which we won on facebook’s Paypal campaign, so if you are love freeGyaan – Sponsor this event or sharing your $ with me so I can put them together and bring more such contest – Its totally your wish. If you would love to pay freeGyaan via Paypal – Click here. Or if there is some other you want to sponsor contact me on my email : Abhishek [at] freeGyaan.com