Here are few random stuffs I came accross. Most of you might have already participated but these are for those who did not know about it :

Tanishq Valentine Diamond Pendants : I know Valentines Day is over but the contest is still open, so just answer a simple question and if lucky you may win an Diamond Pendant – Click here..

Naukri’s Hari Sadu Contest : Naukri is up with a all new Hari Sadu TV commercial and also with a contest where you need to type in all the words which you see in the commercial – Contest link is here..

Indiatimes Shopping : This is a crazy deal. Buy a swiss knife for Rs.35 + Rs.35 delivery charges. Its just crazy, though I am not sure how will be the quality of the product but its just Rs.35, if interested check it out and buy it here..

BrandPower : You might have seen few ads on television on Brandpower, well I had registered and blogged about it ages ago. I just wanted to remind those who did not register on that site and do not know much about it. Brand Power is a Market Research site and hence provides free samples to test and give responses. I recently got a pack of Moov Spray and Tube. So go ahead and register on

Below 2 are those which I am not sure whether we will get anything or not but its no harm in trying.

Sunsilk Gang of Girls : First register on their site, and then fill this questionnaire and you may get free Samples from them.

P & G Samples : Again, though not sure you may still try and register on their site. No body knows what is access code but you can register and request for free samples. Go register here..

[Thanks to Sairam, Vinoth, Prajapathi, and all others whome I am missing for the offers which I posted here..]

Have you guys tried zwinky? Create you cool avatar and make them look like you. Check it out if you haven’t here..