is a new Mobile + P.C application a first of its kind and I suggest you guys try it out too!

What is Mjooz : It is basically a Synchronizing service between your phone and P.C, so all the data on your phone is backup on P.C in your Mjooz account without any hassle, it just work on background and does it work and your Mobile is backup!

Its just an amazing thing, I am trying to figure out what are the possible stuffs we can do from it, so thought of sharing with you guys too.

What more you can send free sms, earn points for sync, creating a friends network etc.

I suggest you guys try it out once, sign up takes just few seconds. Just enter mobile no. get a code and start setting up your account and do let us know if you find something interesting in it so we can try it out too! :)

They have 2 plans, free and premium depending on the contents. Go ahead if it is really helpful you can chose premium plan for just Rs.17 per month. Go ahead guys, try out their Mjooz on

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